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Eva Marcille Shows Off Her Growing Baby Bump While Her Ex-Kevin McCall Continuously Drags Her

 photo evkev1.png

Eva Marcille is pregnant and showing off her baby bump. Meanwhile, her ex Kevin McCall is dragging her on social media sounding real bitter. Deets and receipts inside…

Eva Marcille and her politician boo Michael Sterling are beaming with joy as they’re gearing up to welcome their own bundle of joy together. Look at that bump! 

But, everyone isn’t happy for them, especially Eva’s ex-boyfriend/father of her daughter Kevin McCall.

 photo evkev4.png

We’re not sure why he’s so mad and all in his feelings, but he definitely is feeling some type of way and doesn’t mind making it public. It first started when she first announced she was pregnant and he made a smart comment about "dodging a bullet." Now, he's back to continue to bash her even more.

The singer/producer hopped into the TheYBF.com’s comments section on Instagram to slam his ex after she posted pics of her daughter Marley Rae and her man Michael having fun:

 photo evkev3.png

Apparently, Kevin wants to meet with Michael because he's super pissed about it:

 photo evkev2.png


And he didn's stop there:

 photo evkev9.png

 photo evkev10.png

This guy.

And he stopped there. He posted up some ish talking Instagram stories as well:

 photo evkev6.jpg

 photo evkev7.jpg

 photo evkev8.jpg

Kevin, get out your feelings bro. She has moved on and so should you. If there's sill a custody matter at hand, the family court was literally invented for that.


Photos: Eva's IG




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