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Former NFLer Warren Moon Sued (AGAIN) For Sexual Harassment – Woman Reveals Crotch Grabbing, Getting Drugged, Sleeping In Same Bed On Business Trips, Threats Of Firing

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Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon is being accused of sexual harassment…AGAIN. Details inside…

Another day, another sexual assault accusation at the hands of a wealthy man who likely believed he could get away with it. Even after already being accused previously.

One of Warren Moon's former female employees from his sports marketing firm has pulled the trigger on a lawsuit, accusing the former Vikings player of sexual harassment and sexual battery.

According to ESPN, the woman – named Wendy Haskell –claims Moon made "unwanted and unsolicited" sexual advances toward her while she was working for Sports 1 Marketing as Moon's assistant. The lawsuit, filed in Orange County, lists Moon as president and co-owner of the Irvine, California-based company.

She details several incidents where he was hella inappropriate. He allegedly drugged her, touched her genitals while she was sleeping and even removed her bathing suit without her permission.  And there's plenty more.

ESPN reports:

The lawsuit alleges that soon after Haskell was hired in July 2017, Moon demanded that she "submit to a variety of unnerving sexual and perverse controlling arrangements, including sleeping in the same bed with him on all business trips, providing him unfettered access to the bathroom every time she showered, wearing skimpy lingerie while in the obligatory single room, obtaining prior approval for her wardrobe, and being subjected to continuous unwanted and unsolicited sexual advances."

According to the lawsuit, Moon drugged Haskell's drink without her consent during a business trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Haskell said she began feeling strange and asked Moon if he had put something in her drink, which he then admitted to doing, she said, telling her he did so because he thought she wasn't "having fun." On the same trip, according to the lawsuit, Moon pulled off Haskell's bathing suit while they were on the beach, despite her pleas with him to stop.

On another business trip to Seattle, she said, Moon grabbed her crotch while she was sleeping.

After rejecting another one of Moon's alleged sexual advances, Haskell said Moon wrote in an email to her the following day that if she wasn't comfortable with his demands, he would "find someone who doesn't have inhibitions about the job."

Wendy got fed up with his sexual advances, so she wrote an email to the company’s CEO, but they did nothing to address the matter. In fact, they demoted her and cut her pay.

Moon has denied the allegations, in a text sent to Seattle’s King 5 TV. He also has taken a leave of absence from his role on Seattle Seahawks radio broadcasts.

This isn’t the first time he’s been brought up on sexual harassment allegations. Back in 1994, a former Vikings cheerleader sued him after she said the then QB offered her money for sex. He also allegedy came to the bar she worked to make moves on her. Moon claims he didn’t do it, and they ending up settling the lawsuit out of court.

The following year, Moon was arrested after he was accused of slapping and choking his wife in his Texas home. His wife ended up having the charges dropped and they ended up getting a divorce.



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