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#DADGOALS! Black Dad Gives Us All The Feels, Does Ballet Routine To Help 2-Year-Old Daughter + LeBron James Searches For Candy For Zhuri During Timeout

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Get your “awws” ready. These YBF dads have us in our feelings….

When it comes to fatherhood, black men have a negative representation in society. But, that’s not to say there aren’t any good black dads out there. We know there are. And this viral video proves that.

Acers Gill, a Lexington, Kentucky native, made sure he was there to see his 2-year-old daughter perform for her winter dance recital. The real-life YBF dad stood on the side of the stage for the Kiddie Kapers & Company Dance Program recital held at the Norsworthy Auditorium to cheer on his baby girl.

While the dance teacher was also on the sidelines to help the baby ballerinas with their dance move, Acers' daughter was fixated on him to guide her as he performed their choreography to a T. Someone in the audience caught the daddy-daughter cuteness and uploaded the video. Now, it has gone viral!

“I don’t even know what to think about it because for me, anyone who knows me knows that’s just me being me, being a parent,” Acers told InspireMore.com. “I do that daily. That’s nothing unusual.”

While he didn’t see what he did as a big deal, he hopes the video inspires other young fathers to step up and be in their kids’ lives in all aspects.

“Maybe [this video is] a blessing within itself for the male figures and father figures out there.”

Loves it.

Peep the adorable clip below:

Speaking of dad goals...

One of our fave YBF dads gives us another reason to love him.

Cleveland Cavaliers baller LeBron James had his daughter Zhuri James and wife Savannah James cheering him on during a recent match-up against the Chicago Bulls.

King James went from a beast on the court to a super caring dad in a matter of seconds. During a timeout, little Zhuri must have asked her dad for some candy. So, a mic’d up LeBron went around asking everyone in his sight if they had any candy, so he could gift it to his daughter. He finally found some, and a security guard made the special delivery for him.


Peep the clip above.

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