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Michael B. Jordan Celebrated Kwanzaa & NYE With His New 'Non-Black' Girlfriend And His Fans Are Pissed

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So, Michael B. Jordan has a new girlfriend it seems.  But we highly doubt we'll be seeing her on his arm on the Black Panther red carpet promo tour though.  His fans are already in a tizzy.  Find out why inside...

Well well well.

Creed star Michael B. Jordan appears to have a new love in his life, IG model Ashlyn Castro.  Thanks to family members' Snapchat videos and Ashlyn's own Snaps, the two were seen canoodling all Holiday season. He even made sure she got hip to some culture she may or may not be familiar with - his family's Kwanzaa celebration. 

 photo Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 12.01.24 PM_zpspsnyfkcy.png

She looks like the typical IG model-type, so no surprise there.  But we are shocked she posted this on her socials (but soon deleted) knowing how private Michael is about his love life:

 photo Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 12.03.59 PM_zpsadioci6g.png


Fan sites rounded up videos of them at family celebrations and also from a NYE party:


As you can see here Michael B Jordan and family are celebrating Kwanza with his Nubian Queen Ashlyn Castro

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His fans are going nuts, and even calling for a boycott. Some of them feel slighted and played after he praised black women publicly and said it's a vicious rumor he doesn't like black women romantically.

Since the "Family Feud" video star has yet to be linked romantically to a black woman, they feel like his public adoration for black woman is just a ploy to stay in their good graces. And get their good coin.


IT HAS BEGUN some fans are sounding off in comment section of the blogs to boycott actor @michaelbjordan as well as fans are staring to post #boycott pictures for his recent preference to not date black women after stating in his recent @vogue interview that The weirdest rumor that he’s heard about himself is he doesn’t date black women. Michael and his current girlfriend Ashlyn Castro spent The weekend celebrating Kwanzaa with his family and New Year’s eve together. Michael now faces backlash and the current wrath of former fans feel used and hurt. Will you be getting into formation???? Post taken from a former fan page: BOYCOTT BLACK PANTHER!!!!! Since we aren’t good enough for you @michaelbjordan I will not spend a dime on you #blackpanther #michaelbjordan #marvel

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Ok so Michael gave this interview stating The weirdest rumor that he’s heard about himself is he doesn’t date black women but given his track record for the last couple of years for him never to have had a girlfriend he’s been caught up with 7+ non-African-American women. The only reason he stated this in his interview that was scripted btw , was to give black women hope and settle what we already knew about him not dating black women and also because of the new release of his movie black panther. Michael wanted to have full support from the black community especially what he considers his “black fans” that is predominantly made up of black women. #teatenders #theshaderoom #bossip #hollywoodundead#michaelbjordan

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