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Kendrick Lamar’s BRIT Awards Performance Was Muted & Folks Were Mad + Daniel Kaluuya Says Americans Don’t Know About The Black British Experience

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Kendrick Lamar was heavily censored during his BRIT Awards performance and folks were feeling some type of way. Meanwhile, British actor Daniel Kaluuya says Americans have no idea what goes outside of America. Deets inside…

Kendrick Lamar had Twitter abuzz during his performance at the 2018 BRIT Awards. People watching the awards show via television were not pleased. Why? Apparently, the producers heavily muted his set while performing his track “FEEL” and his feature on Rich The Kid’s “New Freezer.”



According to reports, not only was bad language censored, they also bleeped out his references to “drugs” and “oral sex.” He ended up getting muted a total of 10 times. So, folks were up in arms about why the BRIT Awards even invited him to perform in the first place knowing the origin of his lyrics.

Below are a few more tweets:





By the way, that’s Rich The Kid smashing that luxury Lamborghini sports car during the performance and people weren’t happy about that as well:



"His intention was to make a statement about the emptiness of status symbols and the trappings of fame," said BBC writer Mark Savage. "But, with most viewers unable to hear his lyrics, it came off as 'I'm so rich I can afford to smash up this very expensive car live on TV.'"

What fans didn't know was that the car being smashed was a replica of a Lamborghini Murcielago.

Peep some of his uncensored performance below:

The Compton rapper, who's currently making rounds on TDE's Championship Tour, also won his first ever BRIT Award, nabbing the International Male Solo Artist award. Peep his acceptance speech below:

Speaking of Brtis...

 photo dkaluuya.jpg

Get Out actor Daniel Kaluuya is ruffling some feathers.

During a panel with the BAFTA Awards Rising Star nominees (which he ended up winning), the 28-year-old actor said Americans have no idea what goes on outside of America when responding to Jordan Peele’s hesitation to cast him in Get Out since he wasn't American.

“Yeah it was a lot of that… I think in America they don’t really know stuff which happens outside of America,” he said. “They don’t know the black British experience, because a lot of people don’t. I think a lot of people in England don’t.”



He continued: “You just have to adopt different perspectives. You just have to see the world different. I was brought up to see the way I live my life isn’t the way everyone else lives their life. So when you see characters you’re able to take on other perspectives and empathize.”

Hmm…do you agree or disagree?

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