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Cardi B Fires Off Subliminal Shots At Chick Who Claims Offset Is Her Baby’s Daddy + Kevin McCall Explains How Eva Has Him Fearing For His Life

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Cardi B and her fiancé Offset’s jumpoff Celina Powell are still going at it. Also, Kevin McCall is still pleading for help via his social media posts. Get it all inside…

If you thought the social media war between Offet’s fiancée Cardi B and his side chick Celina Powell had died down some, guess again.

 photo celinacardi.png

These two are still going back and forth, especially since Celina is still claiming that the Migos rapper is the father of her daughter that she just gave birth to:



If Celina's daughter, named Karma Kiari Cephus (given her alleged father's last name), is Offset's she would be baby #4 for the rapper. And as you all know, Cardi is rumored to be pregnant with Offset's baby and is reportedly due this July. Ever since Celina came out saying she slept with Offset and that she was pregnant, she and the "Bodak Yellow" rapper have been at each other's necks. And they still are.

We've rounded up the tweets between Celina and Cardi and you'll notice, Celina leaves nothing to the imagination as to who she's popping off on, however Cardi never mentions her name. Makes sense. Celina said Cardi and Offset have hired the best lawyer in NYC, so she's going to stop talking now, but chick has already said more than a mouthful since all this ish popped off.

Check it:







The "Bartier Cardi" rapper hopped on Twitter for a quick, subliminal:


Meanwhile, Offset is over it and will not be entertaining the foolishness:


However, his fiancee is going to do whatever she can to shut Celina up (she posted then deleted the tweet below):

 photo cardit1.png


Now, there's only one thing to do to put this rumor to rest: TAKE THE DNA TEST. Celina, who has been linked torappers Fetty Wap, Chief Keef and Tee Grizzley, seems pretty confident that the results will come back saying Offset IS the father, so the ball is really in his court. All he has to do is take the test, and the truth will be known.


In music news...



Cardi just announced her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, will be released April 6th. You copping it?

In other foolishness...


A post shared by Brandon Carter (@brandoncarter211) on


By now, we can all agree that singer Kevin McCall should seriously seek professional help when it comes to his mental health. And he continues to post bizarre ish online that doesn’t help.

In a series of new videos, Kevin claims he broke up with Eva Marcille because she mean to his other daughter, Genesis. He said Eva got mad so she started spreading rumors about him beating on her. He said he’s in fear of his life because people think he’s a “woman beater.” Kevin said he's not crazy, but when people start messing with his children, he has to make a point. It was a warning message to Eva and his other daughter's mother.

Check out his series of videos above and below:


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