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NEWS: The Police Killing Of Unarmed Stephon Clark Has Folks Debating On The Proper Way To React, Grieve & Protest

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Stephon Clark’s brother Stevante Clark has been acting out following the death of his brother at the hands of the Sacramento Police. Now, folks are wondering if he’s doing his brother a disservice with his antics. Also, black women are feeling some type of way when it comes to marching/supporting Stephon after his death. Find out why inside…



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On March 18, 2018, 22-year-old Stephon Clark was gunned down by Sacramento police officers in his grandparents’ back yard.

According to reports, Stephon was shot a total of 8 times with 6 shots hitting him in the back, according to an independent autopsy retained by the family. Police officers previously claimed they opened fire (letting off at least 20 shots) because Stephon came charging at them with something in his hand. It was later revealed that Stephon was simply holding his cellphone.

Apparently, officers were responding to a 911 call about a man breaking car windows in the neighborhood. It’s unclear if Stephon was the suspect they were looking for, but Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies circling the area in a helicopter spotted Stephon in a backyard near where the alleged car vandalism was happening.

Officers entered the front yard of Stephon’s grandparents’ home (where he was staying) and spotted him on the side of the house where they began chasing him. In a matter of seconds, one officer yelled at Stephon to show his hands, then he yelled ‘gun, gun, gun’ and next thing you know shots ring out. It took officers over 5 minutes before making any contact with Stephon after he was shot.

See it all go down below:


Following Stephon’s death, his brother, Stevante Clark, has been quite vocal in an effort to honor his brother’s legacy. And not everyone's happy about how he's going about it.

Stevante rounded up some family, supporters and activists to invade a recent Sacaramento City Council meeting. Stephon’s brother jumped on top of the desk in front of Mayor Darrell Steinberg while leading the group with a chant of his brother’s name. He then approached the podium where he addressed the crowd about how the mayor has failed the city, poverty and issues in the community like gangs.

Peep the clip below:



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Here he is interrupting a family conference:

He also displayed some bizarre behavior during his brother's funeral. There was a moment where he threw shade at the NAACP and he also engaged in a heated moment with Rev. Al Sharpton.

Check it below:

People do grieve in different ways, and while some of the backstory of the brothers is known, is there a right or wrong way to raise awareness about a cause while you're dealing with a tragedy?

Last night...

Stevante posted an odd video on his Facebook account.




Old tweets Stephon posted a few years ago have been dug up that have black women feeling some type of way when it comes to supporting/advocating for him following his death. Why? Well, it's simple. Stephon, who has children with an Asian woman, didn't like black women and he made it known.


There are also some screenshots of tweets making their rounds on social media allegedly posted by Stephon's Asian girlfriend where she uses the n-word and talks about not wanting dark babies.

This video has since gone viral with Youtube star Chyna Fox explaining why this rhetoric is so problematic in the fight to make black lives, which includes black women's lives, matter. While there are women who have decided to not take on Stephon's particular battle with physical protests, they are not saying he deserved to die or that no one else should take up the protest.


What are your thoughts?

Photos: Stevante's FB




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