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NEWS: CMU Student Accused Of Killing Parents In Dorm Room Ruled INCOMPETENT To Stand Trial

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The Central Michigan University student accused of fatally shooting his parents inside his dorm room will not go to trial. Details inside…

There’s an update involving the Central Michigan University student who shot and killed his parents last month.

19-year-old James E. Davis Jr. is being accused of murdering his mother and father inside his dorm room. Now, he has reportedly been found incompetent to stand trial after he was charged with two counts of open murder and a firearm violation.  He will receive treatment until he is able to stand trial.

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It is an incredibly sad and shockingly horrific story.

On March 2nd, James Eric Davis Sr., 48, and Diva Davis, 47, showed up at Central Michigan University to pick up their son for spring break. It’s unclear what happened once they got there, but James Jr. shot and killed his father, a police officer in Bellwood, Illinois, and his mother, a flight attendant, then fled the scene.

Police went on a 16-hour manhunt before finding him around railroad tracks near the school's campus.  CMU Police Chief William Yeagley said Davis was found “cold …hypothermic and not making sense”. He was admitted to a hospital under police supervision.

The night before the shootings, it’s reported James Jr. told campus police someone was out to kill him. When the campus officers pressed him for more info and how he knew this, Davis reportedly said "he just had a feeling" and was acting illogically.  When asked what he needed to feel safe, he said "he's good" and was "going home tomorrow." When campus police examined elevator surveillance video to see what happened prior to Davis' coming to them, Davis was seen laughing with another person and no crimes being committed.

Hours later, around 1:15am, campus police saw Davis rolling his suitcases down a dorm hall and asked him what was going on.  He responded illogically again, and the police suspected his erratic behavior was drug induced.  Police transported Davis to the hospital immediately and phoned his mother, Diva, who agreed drugs may be the root cause.  When she and James Sr. arrived to the hospital the next day to retrieve their son, they brought him back to the dorm.  That's when James Jr. was seen on surveillance camera going to the parking lot, retrieving a gun that was likely registered to his police officer father from a car, then returning back to the Campbell Hall dorm where his parents were.  James Davis Sr. & Diva Davis were then shot and killed.

It is unclear if this was a drug-induced situation and/or if James Jr. suffered a psychological/emotional break.  It is a tragedy either way.

James Jr.s brother, Russell, a divinity student, posted on his Facebook page, "I STILL LOVE MY BROTHER! I want him safe, supported and prayed for just like my sister Alexis Davis and I...Please don’t make a villain of my brother... that is NOT who he is... and despite the circumstances, he also lost a mother and father... And I LOVE him. Consider that!?


The Bellwood police chief, Jiminez Allen, said in a statement that Davis Sr. “had served admirably as a part-time police officer in the Bellwood Police Department and his contributions to our community positively impacted everyone he served and served with.”   He had worked for the department since 1999. He was also a Illinois National Guard veteran who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. His full settlement is below.

“Personally, and on behalf of Mayor Andre F. Harvey, the Village Trustees, the Bellwood Police Department, and all the residents of the Village of Bellwood, I extend my sincere and heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of James E. Davis Sr. and his wife Diva Davis on the heels of their tragic and untimely death on the campus of Central Michigan University. Since 1999 Officer Davis has admirably served as a part-time police officer in the Bellwood Police department and his contribution to a community positively impacted everyone he served and served with while we wait additional details, we will provide great counseling and other supportive services to those in need. We will also provide assistance requested by our fellow law-enforcement agencies as they were card to seek justice. May they rest in peace.”

Also, Diva was breast cancer survivor.

Just a horrific situation all around.  Our thoughts, prayers and wishes of peace go out to all who are affected by this tragedy.


Photos: Isabella County Sheriff/WILX via social media




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