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UH-OH: Leah Remini Is Gearing Up To EXPOSE Jehovah's Witnesses In Next Docuseries!

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After tackling Scientology (which she's still doing by the way), Leah Remini is gearing up to tackle another religion. And folks, including some black folks, will likely be pissed. Deets inside....

Since leaving Scientology, Leah Remini has made it her business to expose all of the foolery that has been going on within the religion. Now, she's ready to put the spotlight on another.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Leah Remini is working on a new unscripted special at A&E that will expose the practices of Jehovah's Witnesses, following the cancellation of her show "Kevin Can Wait" on CBS.

She will produce a special for the network that will air following season three of her EMMY winning series, "Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath." The actress has a first-look production deal with the network to produce unscripted series and this special is the first project she'll produce.

Apparently, the religion has been receiving backlash for practices described by THR as "ousting or shunning members who have dissenting views, refusing to participate in politics or government, not celebrating birthdays or Christmas, and for multiple predictions of armageddon that have, obviously, yet to pan out."

There are a few YBF celebs who are Jehovah's Witnesses, including Serena & Venus Williams, and the late Prince. Sherri Shepard, The Jackson Family and the Wayans Family were also raised as Jehovah's Witnesses.  Not all have remained aligned with the beliefs though.

During a FYC panel discussion last week, Leah said she has been receiving messages and emails from people who are eager to share their religious experiences. And not just Scientology experiences - other religions as well. So, will she tackle other religions after Jehovah's Witnesses? We're not sure.

However, based on the success of her Scientology series, it's possible. It seems she has an audience. Hide your Pastors!

Will her investigative series extend to mega churches? Or the Catholic Church? Things could get very interesting if so.

No word yet when the special will air.

We know we'll be watching though...

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