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WNBA Star A'ja Wilson Goes OFF About Unfair Salaries, And Said THIS About LeBron James' $154 Million Contract

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WNBA star A'ja Wilson hopped on Twitter to speak her mind about LeBron James' $154 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. Here's what she had to say inside...

Last night, it was announced LeBron James is leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers to join the Los Angeles Lakers after signing a $154 million four-year deal with the organization.

Naturally, everyone was losing it. And everyone has their own opinion about it...including WNBA star A'ja Wilson.

The Las Vegas Aces player, who was recently named Rookie of the Month, commented how it "must be nice" to receive a $154 million contract. Then, she proceeded to "stay in her lane" when folks got in their feelings about her pointing out the wage disparity:



And she's not taking ANYTHING away from King James. She's commenting on a bigger issue:



Apparently, the comment got up under the skin of some men on Twitter because they wasted no time to hop in her mentions and "explain" why she doesn't deserve that amount of money. Here's what she said to that:



Bloop! They obviously don't get it. And what she says below proves just how much they DON'T get it:



Oh, and don't tell her when it's time for her to speak her mind:



The folks in her mentions with the BS are totally missing her point about gender inequality and UNEQUAL pay because, privilege (white & men):



A'ja's teammate Kayla McBride also joined in on the conversation as well and had a clear message to the haters:



And on that note, there's nothing left to say.

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