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Will Smith Shares Why He's No Longer 'Married' To Jada, BTS Tidbits About 'Fresh Prince' Deadbeat Daddy Scene, His Hilarious Jay Z Impersonation & More Gems

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Will Smith is opening up like never before in a new, bomb interview where he spills some "Fresh Prince" tea, particularly about that infamous deadbeat daddy scene, why he and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith no longer say they're married, a hilarious conversation with Jay Z and TONS more. Get it all inside...

Will Smith is living his BEST life right now. We know this because he recently joined Instagram and has been flooding our timelines with GREAT content. He's traveling the world, he has hopped back in the studio, and he has been dropping words of wisdom as if he's our personal therapist.

The Hollywood titan sat down with Rap Radar's Elliott Wilson and B. Dot for a very candid discussion about...well, everything.

We love when celebs share behind-the-scenes tidbits about things that happened in the past that we never knew about. He reminisced about the most iconic "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" scene when his "deadbeat dad" (played by Ben Vereen) made in appearance. Will revealed he was having trouble with the scene but his co-star, the late James Avery, was able to step in and gave him the encouragement he needed to SLAY that scene.

Check it:



WOW! That scene always does us all the way in even to this day.

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With 20 years of marriage under his belt, Will and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith have become one of Hollywood's biggest power couples. Over the years, Will and Jada have been able to build a bond so close that they don't even consider themselves "married" anymore. Here's why:

“We don’t even say we’re married anymore," the 49-year-old shared. "We refer to ourselves as life partners, where you get into that space where you realize you are literally with somebody for the rest of your life. There’s no deal breakers. There’s nothing she could do. Ever. Nothing that would break our relationship. She has my support till death and it feels so good to get to that space.”

#BLACKLOVE is so real despite what THEY want you to believe. 

We told y'all Will is back in the studio and he shared some insight behind his new track "The Mountaintop," which he believes represents where he is in life right now.

"I’ve been to the top of money, I’ve had all the sex that I’ve ever wanted, I’ve had all of the adoration,” he said. “I’ve been to the top of all those material world mountains and nothing makes you happier other than being useful to others. That’s it. That’s the only thing that ever will satisfy that thing, is that what you’re doing is useful.”

So true. He also shared dropped knowledge on what makes a GREAT emcee:



The Independence Day actor also shared a funny story about Jay Z reacting to that video of him slapping a reporter. While on the carpet, a reporter got WAY to handsy and kissy for Will, reaching in to kiss his face. The Philly native felt disrespected, so his first reaction was to slap the man in the face. It's funny as hell. Check it:



Will said when he got back to his cellphone he had 10 missed urgent messages from Jay Z and he thought something was up because that was out of the ordinary for the rapper. Well, the conversation they had was HILARIOUS and Will shared it with the best Jay Z impersonation EVER. You HAVE to hear it because he totally nails it. Watch below:




Below are a few more highlights you need from the interview:

On Kanye West's public slavery comments and Trump support (sigh):

“That’s what I love about Kanye right now. He’s willing to take the smashdown in order to push ideas,” he said. “He’s making people think, even in the twisted, backhanded success of Donald Trump.”

On his father's death & Trump winning the presidency:

“My father died on Nov. 7 and Trump was elected on Nov. 8. I literally don’t know which one of those was worse for me. That time was a deep changing for me in my life. My father dying sort of released me to be me.”

On Drake maintaining success:

“Drake I think has had the most interesting success in the last four or five years. It’s so hard to sustain success today. The social media part of it is such a burn that it’s hard to sustain. The fact that Drake has been able to sustain is really interesting to me. It’s why I like working in the Instagram, 60-second format. You get to feed it, but you’re not burning 15, 18 minutes worth of content.”

On why he decided to join social media:

“Social media demands authenticity. Social media pushes you more and more into having you reveal what’s true. ‘Cause if you don’t, TMZ is going to. It’s a beautiful thing. I’m actually enjoying the push. Nobody’s happy that doesn’t get to be themselves. I’m enjoying the social demand for authenticity.”

On being called "soft":

“That was a difficult time coming up. … It was always difficult [to hear] people say I was soft and my music was cotton candy. I always wanted to fight to prove myself. Fighting yourself to maintain positivity is the hardest fight you ever gon’ have. That struggle to just stay my course, be the person in the world that I wanted to be no matter what people said. I started to call it offensive positivity.”

And here are a few tidbits of wisdom he shared:

“Right and wrong aren’t separate things they’re together. So, something that happens to you is the best and the worst thing that happens to you. You can’t separate them. Like, they go together. Everything has its ying and its yang and you can’t get around it… Rather than specific hard and fast rules and paradigms, now, I’m trying to feel the universe and feel the moments and feel the opportunities for what is right for me at this moment.”


Maybe this was the interview 'Ye was trying to give all along. *shrugs*

Oh, and Will has no clue where his four Grammy Awards are because awards don't excite him. However, he LOVES bringing in numbers at the box office.



If you're a TIDAL subscriber, check out the full interview below:


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