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Kanye Gets Computerized For COMPLEX+Harlem Heights' Brooke & Christian Are A New Couple?+Terrence J Does A Fashion Spread

Kanye wanted to think outside the box for his newest photoshoot:

So for his Complex cover shoot, he went to Photographer Chris Milk to shoot his looks at the same computer generation studio Curious Case of Benjamin Button was shot. Here's a snippet of his interview: C: You know, since then, people who know that I know you have asked two recurring questions: Is he on drugs? Is he gay? Kanye West: [Laughs.] What do you tell them? C: That I’ve never seen you do drugs, but I’ve definitely seen you go in, as far as chicks— Kanye West:[Laughs very hard.] But, you know, that doesn’t prove anything [to them], right? Someone could just be like, “He’s just running in girls when he’s really thinking about fucking guys.” That’s, like, the devil’s advocate thing that they probably say. But drugs? How perfect is that? People think I’m on drugs! I didn’t even have to do drugs for people to think that I was on them. And what’s funny is that I feel like my outfits were very masculine and very hip-hop. C: Why do you think there’s such a fixation on your sexuality? Kanye West: I really think it’s because society tries to dictate the way a guy is supposed to dress and the way a guy is supposed to act, and I refuse to conform. A lot of these dudes would never be accused of being gay just because they all look exactly alike. If people could just realize the amount of mundaneness and followers that lack creativity… I think people’s mentality is like, Only gay people are that creative. And it’s true there are a lot of gay people who are incredible creative minds, but there are straight people who are incredible creative minds—and there’s gay people who can’t dress or create at all, too. Closed-minded gay people probably say they dress “straight.”
Funny funny.

And speaking of 'Ye, seems like his ex Brooke Crittendon really likes dating her fellow "Harlem Heights" cast members. Our sources whispered in our ear today that Brooke now has a new boyfriend--her co-star Christian who's the lifestyle editor of Dime Magazine. This hasn't been revealed yet on the show, but they've been hitting up the night scene around NY together. And not always with their other cast members in tow.  Apparently she Twitters about her new love constantly.  Brooke also dated fellow co-star Pierre this season too. Interesting... Pics of Terrence J's fashion spread when you read the rest...

EXCLUSIVE PICS: T.I. Throws Bash For His Kids & Diddy's Daughter Chance Makes An Appearance

T.I. hosted a huge birthday party for his sons Major, Messiah, and Domani and Tiny's daughter Zonnique over the weekend in the ATL.  And look who also popped up to party it up:

Diddy's daughter Chance and her mom Sarah.  This little girl is pure Hello Kitty cuteness.

King, Zonnique, and Major posed with their dad.

And little Major kicked it with his moms Tiny.  T.I. made sure to let everyone know that he has made his life all about changing others' lives and his kids.  Loves it. Shout out to photographer Freddy O.  Lots more pics when you read the rest.  Trust me--you want to check it.

Event Fab+Terry Crews Jacks 50's Acting Job?

Tatyana Ali hit up Ball Up's 1st Annual Street Ball Tour in L.A.:

Looking hot in her pencil skirt.

And Monica hit up Frank Ski Kids Foundation Local Legend Luncheon in Atlanta over the weekend. Looking fresh and springy with her white jacket, pink scarf, and yellow Balenciaga bag.

And Terry Crews has reportedly taken 50 Cent's new role in the upcoming movie The Expendables.  After the internet streets went up in arms about 50 taking Forest Whitaker's spot ion the movie, the producers quickly responded and replaced 50 as well.  Looks like Terry Crews will be the one showing off his swexy body in the new action flick. More pics when you read the rest...

OUT & ABOUT: Kimora, Djimon, Halle, Nahla, Mary J, & Kendu

Kimora and Dijmon brought the kiddies and puppies to the park yesterday afternoon.  And Kimora looked like she was having a good ol time on that swing.

And Halle and Baby Nahla were spotted out shopping--their usual weekend activity. More pics of these folks and MJB when you read the rest...

Remember Young B? She's Got A Baller Boyfriend Now...

"Chicken Noodle Soup" chick Young B is all grown up.  She's 18 now and nabbed herself a baller:


Christina Mili-Blonde & The Dream Still Frolicking In Hawaii...With A Ring?

It's spring and love is in the air.  Love--PR stunts--same thing these days right?  Christina Milian & The Dream were spotted spending some more quality time together in Maui yesterday.  And it looks like Ms. Milian has a rock on that wedding finger of hers.  She denied engagement rumors last week, but it wouldn't be the first time she lied about her relationship status.  Just sayin'...

They spent the day at the beach holding hands and smiling for the paparazzi lenses.  I wonder which one of their people have the Hawaiian paps on speed dial.... More pics of the new couple when you read the rest...

VIDEO FAB: Ciara & Justin Timberlake's "Love Sex Magic"+Jim Jones & Ryan Leslie's "Precious"

Check out Ciara's new video featuring Justin Timberlake for "Love Sex Magic".