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CHARGED! Gilbert Arenas Cops Felony Gun Possession Charge!

Kelis Pops Off On PETA+Trey Songz & His Jump-Off Ophilia Make The Bed-Rock

Now we all knew this ish would happen. After Kelis rocked this furry coat and hat set this week, PETA sent her a personal letter reprimanding her. So, instead of brushing it off, Kelis took pen to paper to write their asses back. Check out her letter when you read the rest. And check out Trey Songz's jumpoff Tweeting about their bedrocking...

Fantasia Turns "Cook" Into Her Heart

PHOTOSHOOT FAB: Model Bre' Stays On The Scene

Former "America's Next Top Model" contestant/actress Bre' has done a gorgeous new photoshoot. She's been one of my fave ANTM chicks even seasons later, so I love seeing fabulous pics of her. More pics and info on what she's up to when you read the rest...

VIDEO FAB: Jay-Z Talks Illuminati Conspiracy+"American Idol" Contestant POPS OFF On Mary J Blige!

So Jay-Z hit up Angie Martinez' show over at Hot 97 yesterday. And they discussed all these rampant and rumors of Jay and Beyonce and Swizzy and lots of others in the industry being a part of an "Illumanati conspiracy." The "On To The Next One" video fueled the rumors even more. Jay says he does not believe in religion because it separates people, but he does believe in 1 God. And he confirms he's NOT a part of the Illuminati--"Being a part of a cult is just stupid to me." Speaking of Mr. Carter, he and his wife Beyonce were just ranked #1 for the second year in a row as Forbes' top earning entertainment couple for '08-'09: The "Single Ladies" and "Empire State of Mind" singers sold plenty of records and put their names to high-end ads for American Express and Budweiser between June 2008 and June 2009. All that business paid off, to the tune of $122 million, the Forbes analysis showed. Beyoncé wore the financial pants of the house, raking in $87 million in comparison to Jay-Z's $35 million in chump change. NICE! Mary J Blige's stan when you read the rest...

PARTY FAB: Misa Hylton's Birthday


In a way, I feel like Janice Combs should get a check from her state government.  I'm convinced the amount of road kill QUICKLY cleaned up simply to be used in her next of many fur coats is her own way of "giving back."  And I put my milk money on the fact that I will INDEED to a run by to snatch that damn wig when I see her in person.  Ok that was mean...my bad. She partied it up with her grandson's mother/Diddy's son's mother/stylist Misa Hylton last night for Misa's birthday party at Greenhouse in NYC.  Y'all already know I have several issues with these here pics.  But I am loving Misa's dress.  the two toned hair and loud pink nails and shoes are not my fave looks for her though.  Oh wells.  She's a fab chick nonetheless. More pics when you read the rest....

Alicia Keys Hits Tokyo

Alicia Keys glammed it up for her promo trip to Japan yesterday. She hit Tokyo Mid-Town to promote her album The Element of Freedom--and left bedazzled glitter tracks as she did so.  I typically wouldn't be a fan of a sparkly shoe, but Alicia makes it work with black tights, and a black leathery strapless mini dress with a grey cardigan.  Me likey. More pics of Ms. Keys in Tokyo when you read the rest...