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The gossip...

Check out Toccara in all her airbrushed fabulousness:

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Kickin It Off Right

Today was the first day of classes! (Yes I'm still bitter about this whack 4 day break). I'm feeling pretty good about this semester since I now have a better handle on what to expect. Let's just hope things go better than last semester...and with no RUDE interruptions. Gossip time...

Is it just me...or does Terrance Howard just seem confused all the time?

Preserve Your Fabness

Ummm ABC...

Stop this sh*t RIGHT NOW. Period.

Another Extravaganza

Come Hither

Gossip time...

It looks like Ursh has been hittin the gym again. He no longer looked like this at a Fox News press conference recenty:

One Night Extravaganza

Shouts out to the DJ's at K97 outta Memphis, Tenn. I heard that they put me and YBF on blast in a fabulous way to all of their listeners. That was a wonderful surprise. {Thanks Lydia}

I know ya'll have heard all about the Golden Globes, but for those of ya'll that haven't, here's some highlights:


My law school finals are finally OVA!! Today was my last one. Damn I feel like runnin around New Orleans like Janice Combs would if she got an extreme makeover. Thanks to all you folks who understand that Law School is pretty much hell on earth 1st semester and all your well wishes. So yes...posts will now be back to normal. Now lean wit it...walk wit it....and absorb all this fabulousness.....

Let's play a lil catch up :