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Do We Love It?: Kanye's Look

Mr. West rocked an interesting look this weekend during Paris' Fashion Week for menswear. 

Wedding Fab: Joy Bryant & Ruben Studdard

Music Fab: Jay-Z, Michelle Williams, Day 26 & T.I.

Jay-Z made history this weekend by being the first hip hop act to ever headline at the esteemed Glastonbury Festival in the UK...even after it was said Glastonbury would never allow something like hip hop to infiltrate its ranks.  He got rave reviews for the show, and you can check ot the entire set by clicking the pic above.  Nice. And look what Weezy started with the rappers and those guitars they don't play. (Yes, I am well aware he was just making a statement in response to Gallagher's of Oasis and others' statements about how hip hop not shouldn't be "allowed" at Glastonbury. It's called sarcasm peoples. And it's been happening on this site for 3 years now. Learn it, live it, love it. It's just really not that serious. Damn.) Anyways, his main chick Beyonce was spotted in the crowd cheering on her hubby:

Cute. Lupe Fiasco and Estelle also performed. More music when you read the rest...

Legal Problems Galore: DMX, T-Pain, J.Lo,

How the hell is it possible to get arrested 4 times in a matter of weeks?  DMX has been arrested yet again as of yesterday and this time it was for getting caught trying to buy a stash in Miami.   According to the police report, this is what went down: DMX was busted as part of an undercover narcotics investigation. He approached an undercover Miami-Dade Police narcotics detective and requested to purchase "30 Powder & 15 Weed" -- street slang for cocaine and marijuana. X handed over $45 -- and was arrested. Aren't rappers supposed to have "people" that do ish like this for them?  I'm just sayin'.  Jesus take the wheel is an understatement right now.  More legal news on T-Pain and J.Lo when you read the rest...

Russell Simmons Clears Up Child Support Hoopla+Kanye, Pharrell, & Halle Out & About

Russell Simmons has posted a statement on his website about his child support hoopla that popped off yesterdayFriends of mine have forwarded me gossip online about my custody agreement details with Kimora. The fact is, we've had a pretty good partnership at sharing the girls in the past. There have been a few bumps in the road, and those bumps have led us to negotiate a minimum amount of time I'm guaranteed to see my kids. That deal is as follows: I have the girls one full week out of every eight, half of the summer, half of all the holidays, a full week at Christmas, and half of Spring Break. Like in all good partnerships, contracts are meant to protect the partners but are usually not the only way the partners work together. If I show up in L.A., where she now lives, unannounced, I can call up Kimora and she will most likely send them right over. The same goes for when she comes to New York. We have always had a school in New York and a school with the same curriculum in L.A., so when the girls are with me in New York, we can spend quality time together. I can get up with them, take them to school and just be together. Kimora consults with me about doctors or schools for the girls, but she's always had final say in those areas. If we had an argument about a school, guess who's going to win? But there are other stipulations in our agreement where we have to make final decisions together. Anything having to do with business decisions pertaining to my kids cannot be done without my consent.I've also seen a lot about people reading into the supervised visits stipulation. Kimora travels with a security guard and a nanny. In the past, she's gotten really nervous that I never travel with security, so if it makes her more comfortable to have her security and a nanny with us when I'm with my kids, that's OK with me. Finally, I want to say Kimora is a excellent mother and is doing a great job with them. My kids are studying a couple of foreign languages, they travel around the world, they practice yoga, ballet, swimming, karate and piano, among other things...sometimes I think they do too much, but I trust in Kimora on this because she IS a good mother. Regarding the money, my kids live a tremendous life. They do have lots of security, nannies, educators, special programs, travel, chefs, on and on. Their mother manages all of those luxuries and I'm happy to provide for that. With great love all things are possible. -Russell Simmons Wow. More celeb updates when you read the rest...

Your Daily Dose Of Chrihanna

Chris Brown and his lil boo/"close friend" Rihanna were spotted doing some grocery shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday:

You always need snacks for the hotel room I guess. More pics of the couple when you read the rest...

Run It: Kelly Rowland vs. Rosario Dawson

Click pic for larger image