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Because I Felt Like It…

More gossip...

Ummm Remy Ma:

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Keepin it Crunk

The gossip...

Beyonce' launched her True Star Gold fragrance Sunday and was welcomed by 4,000 visitors. So why is she looking...

Back Down Memory Lane….

For last week's "Who Ran It?"..... with a vote of 14-3...Kelly RAN IT. Stay tuned for the next one.

I just wanna take a minute to acknowledge how Da Brat needs to revert back to her girliness. She's been lookin quite tomboyish lately and it does NOTHING for her. A walk down memory lane:


Well folks...it's kind of a slow news day. But here goes...

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HRP showing off her goodie bag

Ridin’ Dirty

This is my SECOND time doing this post since when I just finished it, it got erased. So this one is gonna be a bit shorter.

Usher graced the cover of Complex mag recently. In his interview, he felt the need to talk a whole lot about how NOT gay he is. {Thanks Rod 2.0}

Run It!

I know this one isn't 100% Black Hollywood , but that's hard to find. So....

N.B.A.= Nice But All taken

As much as we like to lust over the hot N.B.A. ballers-pretty much a vast majority...if not all...are taken in some way, shape, or form. And most of em don't put it out there that they are. Tryin to maintain that "baller" image/status I guess. Just an observation of mine.

So...in honor of this observation...here's some pics of NBAers with their wives/girlfriends that you may or may not have known about: (Installment 2 comin up some time in the future)