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R.S.A.: Reader Submitted Foolishness

YBF reader Hanif sent in this video of a disgruntled Sean Jean customer:
This is what happens when a Dunkin Donuts employee doesn't receive his No B*tchassness shirt after spending his hard earned $20 on it. I feel his pain. Do you know how many dozens of donuts this dude had to sell to even make that $20? This is a recession peoples...

Get It In!

Candid Fab: MJB, The Bryants, Beyonce, Solange, Baby David, Will Smith, & Morgan Freeman

Mary J. and Kendu were spotted shopping it up on Robertson Blvd. yesterday in L.A.:

They're in town for the BET Awards tonight and clearly wanted to get in some QT while shopping.  And running from the paps.
More candids when you read the rest...

Imusgate Part Deux?+Ruben Studdard's Getting Married?+On The Set Of J-Hud's New Video

Here we go again.  Some folks are up in arms about Don Imus' latest "color" remarks about NFL baller Pacman Jones on his radio show yesterday.  According to the Daily News: Monday, after Imus' sportscaster Warner Wolf (who is African American) noted how many times football player Adam (Pacman) Jones had been arrested, Imus asked: "What color is he?" "African-American," said Wolf. "Well, there you go," said Imus. "Now we know." Color?  What is this--a review of a box of Crayola Crayons?  Stop it Imus.  But he's now saying he was just being sarcastic and was saying "Now we know" because now we know why Pacman Jones is getting picked on.  Hmm...I'll hold off on the march on Don Imus for now.  But clearly no one--including the station he works for or their advertisers who allowed him to come back--would care even if h meant otherwise.  But y'all already know Rev. Al "spoke out" against this ish though.  Sigh.  The whole story is here.  Speak on it....

Pre-BET Awards Event Wrap Up

YBF was on the scene at Debra Lee's Pre-BET Awards Dinner for the celebs last night in LA.  Here's some exclusive pics:

Definitely a nice look for Ashanti.  And I see she doesn't leave her man Nelly's side for long at all. Do we really blame her though?

And the same thing goes for Ms. Eva and her man Lance.
 Wil Shelton of Wilpower Photo Agency /Entertainment
Lots more pics when you read the rest...

Nightcap: Beyonce Spotted On The Set Of Obsessed+Jill Scott's Engaged!

Beyonce was spotted on the set of her new movie Obsessed in L.A. with Idris Elba:

It's a thriller movie and is due out February of next year.  Beyonce is playing "Beth Charles" *side eye at "Beth"* and Idris is playing "Derek Charles".  Anyways,  I guess this is why she's been in L.A. so much recently. More pics and news on Jill Scott's engagement when you read the rest...

What's Really Hood In Sports & Hip-Hop Today?

It's Shaq vs. Kobe round....whatever.  Shaq hit the stage in true "Shaq Fu" form last night in the NYC to tell Kobe why he's really mad.  He says in his freestyle "I'm a horse, Kobe ratted me out, that's why I'm getting divorced."  Peep the video.  But now Shaq's saying it was just a freestyle and it was just a "song". These two have been at odds since Kobe made that smart ass remark during his Colorado "alleged" rape fiasco a while back saying "Should have done what Shaq does ... Shaq would pay his women not to say anything." I'm not co-signing on cheating or anything, but that is mad b*tchassness right there to snitch on another man who has nothing to do with your charges at hand.  I'm just sayin'... More news on Foxy Brown and Rick Ross' engagement, Ice-T, DMX and Nate Dogg's arrests today: