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The Pot Calling The Kettle Crack

Beyonce and Tina Turner Grammy Duet I typically wouldn't give a damn what Shitney Spears has to say, but since she's talking ish about B, I know some folks would love to hear it.  Sources are reporting about her comments about the Grammy night's performers, and all the ish talking she had for Beyonce and Amy Winehouse: About Beyonce's widely acclaimed duet with Tina Turner, Britney reportedly quipped, "Too bad she can't dance as good as Tina --who's old enough to be her grandmother!" Even though Amy Winehouse looked sober and clean, the former princess of pop reportedly said of Winehouse's much-anticipated performance via satellite from London, "Look at her! Look how stoned she is! She is so obviously stoned!" Source She also clowned B on how much she "tossed her hair" during the duet. Seriously? That grammar school education and mentality is really shining through right now. I'm just going to blame all this cattiness on one of her multiple personalities who forgot about that foolywang material she calls her 2007 VMA performance, her crackish ways, and her weave.  B*tch please Britney.

Celebs Do Stars & Straps+Pharrell Kicks Off Star Bape Search+Mimi's New Bahamas Crib

Celebs hit up the Star and Straps booth at the MAGIC fashion expo in Vegas...and an afterparty at JET.  So Lil Jon's pulling a Jamie Foxx these days?  You couldn't pay me to drink his "crunk juice".

Tank Arrested In New Orleans!

So NOPD was at it this weekend.  R&B singer Tank (government name Durrell Babbs) is claiming he has been a victim of serious police brutality and an unnecessary arrest during New Orleans All-Star Weekend.  Reportedly, Tank got tasered & arrested at the House of Blues early this morning and allegedly suffered from police brutality.  Tank actually wanted these arrest pic

What's In That Cup Weezy?+All-Star Weekend Wrap Up

Lil Wayne hosted the NBA All Star Finale party at the Creole Queen last night in the N.O.  And isn't about time we all know exactly what's in that Styrofoam cup?

Can This Dude's Parts Breathe?

I just couldn't pass this ish up.  Look who rose out of the 60's and pulled his usual outfit out of storage to make an appearance at this weekend's Daytona 500?:

Photog: Kane

That dude Chubby Checker and clearly his people didn't tap him to let him know that pr

YBF Exclusives From Lebron & Jay-Z's 2 Kings All-Star Extravaganza

YBF celebs partied it up in the N.O last night at Jay-Z and Lebron James' 2 Kings party at Generations Hall sponsored by MSN, Wrigley's Doublemint & Sprite:     Loves the shoes B. And y'all know The YBF was on the scene...

Weekend Fab

So Trina's making her rounds in the "black men's Playboy" mags: These are her newest photoshop photoshoot pics from Black Men's Magazine.  So I guess we're still doing this ish for the next 10 years huh Trina?