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Tyra Covers EW+Papa Knowles Kicks "Tweety" Out Of Next+Ja Rule & Eve Hit The Clubs

The fabulousness that is Tyra Banks is gracing the pages of the new Entertainment Weekly.  And you can check out the full cover story here.

Seriously, Coco "B*tch Get Over Here" T?

Ice T and Coco-T Coco-T is telling Playboy.com how she and Ice get it poppin' in the bedroom, as if we couldn't already tell: Ice likes it when she wears heels while they're boning. "I actually keep a pair of shoes next to the bed," she says. "Just in case I don't have them on and we start gettin' busy, I can throw them on." The couple has sex in front of a wall of mirrors: "I'm not the kind of person who gets turned on by other people; he's the same way, too.

Because All Black Folks Look Alike?+Celebs Make Appearances

The March '08 issue of InStyle magazine passed over several editorial desks, and this mistake was still made:  Larger Pic Damn.  Sad yet so understandable.
{Thanks Tichanda}

Are We Really Surprised About R. Kelly & A 21 Year Old?

George and his daughter Maxine  So well known Chicago music retailer George Daniels has given the full dish on KJLH radio about exactly what went down when his wife Regina Daniels severed all ties as 41 year old R.

Rihanna & Chris Brown Take It To The Streets+YBF Folks Kick Off All Star Weekend In New Orleans

Oh really Chris and Rih RihThe two walked into her surprise birthday party at L.A.'s Les Deux nightclub Tuesday night hand in hand. Apparently they looked uber happy and quite smitten.  Sources say Chris busted out dancing his own ish when Rih Rih left to hit the girls room, then the DJ played her "Umbrella" track for the both of them. Interesting.

The 39th Annual NAACP Image Awards

The NAACP Image Awards went down live last night at the Shrine Auditorium in L.A.  And the YBF folks hit the red carpet looking better than damn near everybody did at the Grammys: And I'm officially taking back all my "Meagan is pregnant" suspicions...   Maybe....

Celebs Talking That Ish: Khia On Beefing With Janet, Viv On V-Day & Papa Knowles On Aretha Franklin

*Sigh*: So Khia is still talking ish about Janet "playing" her with that "So Excited" track damn near a year ago. And I just have a few things to say for this chick: 1-Please don't ever allow for a video to be released with you trying to clown another person when you're not even big enough that the videographer can spell your damn name right on the video; 2-Do you have stock in the colors green and yellow? If so I know the Crayola Company is making your ass mad rich right now because you seem to only want to hurt our eyes with these colors in every appearance you make: photoshoots, promo shots, vids, everything. Let's try to wear a new color in the '08; 3-No one gives a sh*t about "So Excited" anymore, and esp. don't give a sh*t whether you were in the vid or not or performing it with Janet all around this country. We barely cared about that track when it first came out and trust-your appearance with it or lack thereof did NOT make or break its success. That is all.