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"WTF??!!" Moments

You ever have one of those days where pretty much everything that went down, hour by hour, made you say "WTF?" cuz ish was just that out of control? Or possibly someone has said or done something so clearly idiotic that you just HAVE to ponder on that sh*t? Well yesterday was one of those days for me. And in honor of that mess...everyone share your recent "WTF?" moment in the comments. On to the gossip...


Sunday Madness

The Derby crowd was back at it last night at the 5th Annual Grand Gala held at the Gault House East in KY:

Oooh wee those corns/bunyon/cramped ass toes are beastly!! Can you guess whose they are?

Guess #1


Even More Weekend Fab

More gossip...

The Radio One Spring Fest also went down today in Miami with a Capitol Records Dinner Party:

Why in the hell does Chingy have "Daddy's Angel" tattoed on his neck? Ish is not hot....and quite suspect.


Weekend Fab

Kelly R. reigns as publicity slut this week. And I'm not complaining. The fab chick is being spotted everywhere lately:

She was spotted on her way to Bangkok for the MTV Asia Awards that went down today:



Well well. It looks like Whitney is out of rehab as of a couple weeks ago (according to the tabloids). Here are some pics of her post-rehab:

Come Take A Ride….

Come take a ride down Suspect Lane. Keep all hands, feet, and comments inside the vehicle and please enjoy your tour....

On your right you will see T. Beckford chumming it up with some pals of his:

Vogue! Now Turn To The Left…..

Errry'body wants to be a superstar these days. And they all definitely want to work it like a model.

Oh hell naw Countess...

Countess Vaughn