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It’s About That Time…

Oh yes folks...

This is one Christmas card you will NOT think is a cheap substitute for a gift.

Mini Fab

Well folks..if you're not in the Holiday season mood just yet...now's the time to get in it. Maybe these sexy ballers can help:

NBAers were spreading Holiday cheer b4 their games this week:

Check This

Well well well. The NFL has lost their damn mind and let T.O. be a co-host for the a NFL superbowl game event this year. This ought to be interesting. Story


In a landslide vote...Paula RAN IT on last Friday's competition with Serena. By the way, I sent Serena a coupon to Chanel and Fox Boogie a coupon to MAC. They're both in a serious rut.

Well well. Looks like the HB has some changes in oder for the New Year. She just recently put her $4.5 mil house on the market. Here she is out shopping in the Wood Tuesday:

Tis The Season For Parties

The gossip....

T.I. is starring in a new movie called ATL.....

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My People

I'm FINALLY finished moving back to the N.O. and I'm feelin back in my element. As for the progress of the city...things are lookin up, but mos def not back to normal. I got a lil teary eyed while riding around the city, but hopefully things will be back better than before. The malls were SUPER PACKED today so I guess that's a good sign of life. WASSUP TO AlL MY N.O. PEOPLES!

Run It

Wassup my peoples. If posting starts to slow down a bit, it's beuase my final memo is due tomorrow and I am moving Sunday back to New Orleans. I'm also still preparing for my Law School finals. With that said.............

Who Ran it?