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Run It!

I know this one isn't 100% Black Hollywood , but that's hard to find. So....

N.B.A.= Nice But All taken

As much as we like to lust over the hot N.B.A. ballers-pretty much a vast majority...if not all...are taken in some way, shape, or form. And most of em don't put it out there that they are. Tryin to maintain that "baller" image/status I guess. Just an observation of mine.

So...in honor of this observation...here's some pics of NBAers with their wives/girlfriends that you may or may not have known about: (Installment 2 comin up some time in the future)

Not Finished Yet….

Yep...it's double post day.

The beautiful B stepped out in the most fabulous RED dress at the City of Hope Gala last night:

Wreckin It

Blogger was acting the foolywang the other day and was down for hours. Boo. But now that it's back up, gossip time. Lots of gossip to drop...so keep up:

Mariah wanted to tell everbody all se wants for Christmas is you. I really hope this heffa aint put these pics on her Christmas cards cuz these are

Can’t Knock The Hustle

Aiiight peoples. I've made some changes to the page. Gotta keep it fresh. And be sure to check out the side panel-new stuff is goin on over there.

Gossip time....

Actress Thandie Newton and her fam were spotted out and about somewhat recently:

Photo Fab

Just a lil reader appreciation to all my fab readers: Thanks to all of you who have linked to me or added me to your Favorites. And don't forget you can add me to your MSN or Yahoo pages from the side panel. Thanks ya'll!

The beautiful B was spotted at LAX yesterday where she was going to rehearsals for Dreamgirls.

Purple is Fab

Gossip time:

Of course I missed it, due to school work that needed to be done, but O finally went on Letterman last night: