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Do We Love It?: New Ish From Usher & Nelly

CANDID FAB: Ashanti, Nelly, Janet, Halle, & Other Folks

Ashanti was spotted arriving to and leaving the MTV Upfronts session at the MTV studios in NY yesterday:


Looking absolutely fabulous in this black and white D&G dress. The shoes are hot too.

And she and Nelly were spotted getting their cute couple on at a private dinner a few nights ago. Loves the whole look. More pics when you read the rest...

And The Nariah Show Continues...

Newlyweds Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon made their first public appearance together in NYC as they depart the Waverly Inn after having dinner:


Some Folks Ain't Gonna Like This

TIME went and started something. Speak on it. And YBF has the exclusive sneak peek into the Oprah's (the $2.5 billion NET WORTH YBF chick) upcoming Black Enterprise cover story for the June issue:

That Lovey Dovey: Crihanna Can't Keep Their Hands Or Lips To Themselves & The Full Scoop On Nariah...With Nick's Wedding Band

We've got more pics of Chris Brown and Rihanna's now widespread KFC lovefest. And it's ever so clear Rih Rih loves her some CB. I guess the two forgot that they still need to put on their "we're just really close friends" act even when paparazzi cams aren't around--because security cams are always watching. Chris did reveal to EBONY in his upcoming cover story that he is officially "off the market". But remained mum on details of course. Check out the lovebirds getting their lovey dovey on in a Miami KFC yesterday:



Some folks would say fried chicken is an aphrodisiac. Regardless, now that their "cover" is blown </sarcasm>, I can't wait to see the well written story the publicists of these two are about to come up with. Gotta love it.
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The full Nariah story when you read the rest...

Candid Fab: Chris Tucker, Cedric The Entertainer, & Ursher+On The Set Of Lil Mama's New Vid

Chris Tucker was spotted looking so fresh and so clean on his way into a medical office yesterday in L.A.: 

He and Ne-Yo must shop in the same jean and shoe stores. More pics when you read the rest...

DMX & Al Sharpton Locked Up...Again+Beyonce's Midnight Cravings

I guess Popeye's restaurants (Bey's usual indulgence) are hard to come by in NY. Beyonce was in serious need of a burger fix right after the Metropolitan Costume Gala the other night and stopped by Pop Burger still in her ball gown...with Jay in tow...to get them to open their doors after closing time and bag up some burgers for them to go. Midnight cravings huh? I ain't speculating but um....