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Vogue! Now Turn To The Left…..

Errry'body wants to be a superstar these days. And they all definitely want to work it like a model.

Oh hell naw Countess...

Countess Vaughn


Caption This!

It's about that time again...


Hottest Chicks In The Game?

Looks like my girl B is still rockin that chain. (For all the haters that have doubts about the continuance of Bigga).


H.A.M. Hock Of The Week

Now I know it's early on in the week, but I can guarantee ya'll Khia is the true foolywang of the week:

Clearly this chick did not have enough lickin goin on of her neck and her......back. Because she is back...unfortunately...for another "ladies anthem". Uggh. I could do without. Check out her mugshots from all her arrests that are ri-damn-diculous. And her new interview with VIBE:


Here We Go Again

Why do these people never learn? Elliot Ness from Da Band signed with Bad Boy yesterday:

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It’s A Taurus’ World…

Well well...Ms. Janet (a fab Taurus) has delivered some fabulousness to me...and everybody... today. {Thanks Brian} She released about an hour ago a new single called "Weekend". She also just finished her new album. Go take a listen here. She's baaaaaack.


Football and Fabulousness

Well hot diggity damn! The NFL must know that tomorrow is my birthday cuz they straight gave out an early birthday present: That boy Reggie is comin to the Saints! And y'all already know what I'm about to say about that-it's on and poppin....

Check out some pics from the ESPN The Magazine And Hummer's Pre-Draft Celebrity Bash at Club Sol yesterday in NYC: