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Foolywang Material

I don't know when these pics were taken, but that is irrelevant. Who in the burnt hell okayed this performance in India past Trina's management:

Ri-damn-diculous. And to make the situation even better...the chick gave a lapdance to an audience member:


Media Blitz

Chris Brown performed at the NY's Nokia Theater on Friday:

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And so did Akon and T-Pain:


Guess Who’s Ba-Back

Now that Easter Break is over, it's time to do some spring cleaning:

The Curvy Girls Unite (CGU) organization officially has a new President, out with the old and in with the New-New:


Superhead’s Bad Head

Karrine Steffans, b.k.a. Superhead was on Oprah this past Monday. O's show was about warning parents of teenage girls of all the dangers their girls may be facing.


Awww Shuckey Duckey

And ya'll said Bigga doesn't even know what PDA is. Check them out loungin in the pool yesterday:

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Mini Fab

My new e-mail address is ybfchic@gmail.com. Write it down and take a picture. On to the gossip.....

Rhianna was spotted walking the streets with her draws all out:

More Fab Vacay+Lisa Raye’s Reception Pics

Bigga hit up the Heat v. Raptors game yesterday during their vacay to Miami:

What?! PDA! Get the $#@! outta here...