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What Y’all Know About That?

Because I ragged on T.I.'s 8-year-old -boy body the other day, I'm going to post the reason why the man is still sexy as all hell:

Just a random pic. But that should do the trick. Moving on...

Top 28 Sexiest NBA Wives? Somebody actually made a list?

Ne-Yo…Is This Ya Chick?

Well well. It looks like ol girl that was labeled as Ne-Yo's baby mama Jessica in a post a while back truly is his chick:

And she's in this new R&B girl group called L'Creme who's trying to be on the come up:

Mini Fab

Whit's crack story has gotten even deeper in the tabloids:


Kids and Stuff

The Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards went down this weekend. Lots of celebs and their families came out:

Khamani Griffin

He's the little boy from All of Us and is too cute.


Get Coke, Get A Shower, Get A Shirt

To kick this post off-The H.A.M. Hock of the Week Award goes to:

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*YBF Exclusive*

So as ya'll know, last week I attended the screening and press junket for Take The Lead. And honestly I must say, the movie was much better than I thought it would be. Yes, from the trailer it looks like a cross between Save The Last Dance and Dangerous Minds with a little bit of Sister Act 2 thrown in there. And it kinda is. But it actually had a deeper storyline that is based on a true story.

April Fool’s Foolishness

Damn...I'm gone 1 day and I miss all kinds of stuff. And all thanks to this RI-DAMN-DICULOUS 45 page brief I had due yesterday. I've been working on it all semester and I'm so glad it's done! On to the foolishness....