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New Movie Fab: Jill Marie Jones & Idris Elba

Our favorite ex-Girlfriend is getting some shine:  Jill Marie Jones is talking about her role in The Perfect Holiday.  And talking about her upcoming film The Comeback she's shooting in Shreveport, LA right now.  She's a chick after my own heart when she talks about Superior Grill.  But anyways, there's still no talk of a Toni Childs comeback.  Keep hope alive!

Queen Latifah Joins The Jenny Craig Folks+Other Fabness

  Queen Latifah was spotted looking fab walking in Soho yesterday.  And the Jenny Craig folks have confirmed that she is indeed there next spokeswoman and her campaign kicks off in January.  But her campaign is going to be very different and will focus on a healthier lifestyle...not a smaller dress size.

But Her __________ Looks Nice.

Source: TC
No ma'am Khia. I have no words. Y'all know the damn deal....

But her _______________ looks nice.

Nightcap: Rihanna, You Still Need More People.

Source: Ultimate-rihanna.com
So Rihanna's is Allure's January 2008 covergirl and she's clearing up the rumors about what she did...and didn't do with Josh Hartnett, her borderline friendship with Beyonce, and her hair: On her rumored boyfriend Josh Hartnett:
“This is what really happened …. He and my management, they have each other’s contact information. I went to (the New York club) Pink Elephant, and he came by. All of a sudden, the next day, I’m seeing that we were kissing and hugging up each other. You can’t even go out with a friend who’s a celebrity and have a good time without people making (bleep) up … Well, at least he’s good-looking, right?”
Mmhmm. Or maybe you found out about his long term girlfriend when he talked about her on national tv following y'alls make out session and you felt salty? Either way...good clear up. On her hair:
“The label didn’t want me to do this look … But cutting my hair, it made me stand out as an artist. I don’t care who likes it — this is me.”

On her skin color issues:
On being bullied at school for being too 'white': "I was a little confused as a kid because I grew up with my mum, and my mum is black. So I was cultured in a very 'black' way. But when I go to school, I'm getting called 'white'. They would look at me and would curse me out. I didn't understand. I just knew I saw people of all different shades and I was light. Now I'm in a much bigger world."

On Beyonce:
“She’s Beyonce, and I’m (his) new protegee. When we see each other we say hi. We’re not enemies, but we’re not `friends’ friends.”
After hearing these same quotes 100+ times from Rih Rih, I can't say I'm really caring anymore. 

Jamie Lynn Spears Drops The P-Bomb…And Jacks Shitney’s “WTF Chick of 2007” Title.

Spotted: Tracee Ellis Ross Can't Hold Her Liquor+Ciara Partying It Up In London

A YBF snitch caught Tracee Ellis Ross leaving club Goa in L.A. with her brother Evan and friend Nick Cannon Saturday night.  And here's a bit of what they had to say:
Tracee was rockin some black Louboutin boots. And she came out hella drunk...haha. It was a damn shame to see the paparazzi weren't interested in Tracee or Evan. Annoying or not, they definitely need to give some black celebs some lovin.
Damn. Falling out drunk outside a club and still can't get paparazzi love? We still love you Tracee. No...really. We do.

Lil Wayne Gets Kissy Kissy With Zac Efron?+Remy's Camp: Video Is A Fraud!

So OC Weekly caught up with Weezy to talk about his new involvement with the High School Musical 2 CD: Non-Stop Dance Party. He says he wants to start pulling a Kanye and appealing to the suburban kids. So he's teaming up with HSM star Zac Efron on some tracks. And apparently Zac is staying in Wayne's guestroom while they bang out that ish. Speaking of banging out, Zac emerged mid interview:
“What’s up, my nigga?” Efron says, giving Wayne a pound, a hug, and then, to my astonishment, a full-on kiss, reminiscent of the one Wayne famously gave his surrogate father Baby last year.
Damn. First his daddy now his boy. The only thing more surprising than this ish is the lyrics to one of their tracks so far:
On “All for One,” Efron sings the chorus—“Everybody all for one, a real summer has just begun! Let’s rock and roll and just let go, feel the rhythm of the drums. We’re gonna have fun in the sun!”—while Wayne raps: “I’m a dog, you’re all a bunch of fleas on my dick. Driving a Jag, er, like my name was Mick. I’m so sour like cream with chives, and my sperm will make your face break out in hives.”
Seriously? So Wayne wants to dip in the prepubescent pockets of Jan and Timmy and this is the way he does it? Dude needs to put the styrofoam cups and laced blunts down. ASAP. Trina is somewhere praising the gods Weezy dumped her ass because this crazy ish would turn a sista into a post-Bobby Whitney.  UPDATE: Apparently this was all a satire put on by the OC Weekly.  But how hilarious is it that 99% of the people wouldn't put a situation like this past that dude Weezy?  Ha.