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The 2007 MTV Movie Awards

These awards were whack at best. The College Hill 4 marathon was hella more interesting and that is NOT a good look when that's the case. So while flipping between the foolish V.I. v. Cali nonsense and this...I caught the red carpet and some of the show:

Music Fab

All you T-Pain fans will be happy to see his video and hear his Epiphany album:


Run It!: Triple Edition

America Ferrera v. Eva Longoria in Nanette Lepore

Celebs Heart Publicity

Rih Rih wins the publicity slut of the week award. She's all over the pages of Giant mag:


Beyonce: Glam v. Laid Back


Events and Dish

Ne-Yo and ATL Falcon Ovie M.


Back In Business…With The Same Girl?

There was a glitch in Blogger this morning and afternoon that prevented me from posting to YBF. They have resolved the issue (thanks to the scathing letter I sent) quickly and now we're back to the gossip....