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Gossip Gumbo


This Mardi Gras break has been the most fabulous thing on earth. No school and lots of eating....what else does a girl need? And on to the gossip...

Stankmora did some book signing of Fabulosity yesterday at Harlem's Hue-Man Bookstore and Cafe. Why does she look special in these pics:

Flav…You Want THIS To Be Ya Girl?

Well well. Looks like "Hoopz" B.K.A. Nikki Alexander was a "cover girl" and an internet ho model before she hit the small screen of Flav's reality show. It's been said all those girls were models/aspiring actresses (ya'll didn't really think a chick wanted Flav fa real did ya'll?) but here's some proof:

Fab Blasts from the Past


Tia, Tamara, and their Smart Guy brother Tahj were spotted recently at the Harlem Globetrotters game:

CATFIGHT! New York Style!

Yes, this deserved it's own separate post. Ya'll know I have my issues with the Flavor of Love show. BUT, this needs to win clip of the f'ing year right 'chea. I did watch the last week's episode Saturday (trust me, nothing else was on and I was in serious procrastination mode), so I do know how unfabulous New York is.

Weekend Roundup

The gossip...

Lisa Raye and the Kellz were at a party in Chicago recently:

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The Foolywang, Ctd.

A.I.'s momma (in the mink) Ethel Ann

Mardi Gras Mambo

Gossip time....

The premiere of Madea's Family Reunion went down this week:

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