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CATFIGHT! New York Style!

Yes, this deserved it's own separate post. Ya'll know I have my issues with the Flavor of Love show. BUT, this needs to win clip of the f'ing year right 'chea. I did watch the last week's episode Saturday (trust me, nothing else was on and I was in serious procrastination mode), so I do know how unfabulous New York is.

Weekend Roundup

The gossip...

Lisa Raye and the Kellz were at a party in Chicago recently:

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The Foolywang, Ctd.

A.I.'s momma (in the mink) Ethel Ann

Mardi Gras Mambo

Gossip time....

The premiere of Madea's Family Reunion went down this week:

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Just one more funny pic from the All Star game:


All-Star Extravaganza

Aiight peoples...this is a long post so keep up...

This All-Star Weekend was extravagant and star flooded. Let's look at what went down at all the parties before the game....

The T-Mobile All-Star party went down Friday night in the H:

The Knowles fam was there in full effect:

The Foolywang Part 3

See, I wasn't even gonna update today, but this mess right here had me FALLING OUT:

What in the crispy hot hell is this?????