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Video Fab+Lynn Whitfield Preggers?

@ the Kentucky Derby this past weekend


YBF/Hennessy Concert Giveaway Part Deux!

Kelis @ last night's Hennessy Mixing Event in San Francisco

The fabulous folks over at the Hennessy Artistry Group are offering select YBF readers a special VIP invite AGAIN:

Ish Just Got Real Interesting…


Nas & Kelis Hit The Tube+Hollywood Fab

I knew that heffa Kelis was lyin' when she said they weren't taping a reality show. And that they just hired cameras to follow them around for the hell of it. Whatev. She's been telling folks they may send in the tapes to MTV because they want them for reality tv. Here's the first preview of their upcoming reality show on MTV. How convenient:

I have no shame. I'll be watching.

No ma'am Ms. Tyra...

The Tea and Juice

Rihanna was spotted leaving the TRL studios yesterday:


Video Fab: D.L.+T.I. Get Mouthy


T.I. hit up Bentley College recently and got crunk with a stan who threw something at him while he was on stage. Am I the only one who found this dude (who weighs the same as my 2 year old nephew) real funny gettin' all crunk? Perhaps he could put that much energy into eating a couple sammiches....

Carmelo & LaLa’s Baby Finally Uncovered+Weekend Recap

I was just thinking the other day that we haven't seen real pics of Baby Kiyan and I was starting to think they pulled a TomKat/Suri move. But here are some recent pics of Daddy/son QT and LaLa with her friend: