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Foolywang Material: The Beyonce’s Panties Edition

Maaaaaaaaaaaaan WTF! After laughing for a good half hour after watching this, I'm mad at this dude for SO many reasons. A man has decided to get his ignant...yes, ignant...ass on Youtube to sell Beyonce's panties that his "friend" found while cleaning her and Jay-Z's hotel room in Houston. Funny how she found them a few months ago but he just made this video a couple days ago.

Guess That Crack!

Who's cracked out ass made it rain on the beach in Mexico yesterday? Go clickity click on the pic to test your fabulous guess. Gotta love him....

Some Couples Just Need To Shut That Ish Down

Look who was spotted moving their jump off relationship from the bedroom to the Takeout dining room:


Extra Mini Fab

Slow news day....

Tyra was spotted taping one of her shows outside somewhere:


Mini Fab

Apparently there's an issue with Bloger's image server...so I've hosted these pics myself so hopefully everybody can see them.

The L.A. premiere of "I Think I Love My Wife" went down last night:


Mini Fab+The LaLa/Melo Baby Is Here



Guess The Corns!

Whose crispy oversized corns are busting out of those stilletos? The answer is behind the pic. A pedi and a trip to the podiatrist is a couple g's max. Pocket change for this chick. Damn shame...