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D12 member Proof Has Been Fatally Shot

The story has been pasted here from MTV.com:


The Foolishness

Somebody tap Shawn and let him know that these ugg boots are


Foolywang material at its best.

Letoya is FAB-U-LOUS. Check her out at her video shoot for "Torn" this week in the H:


YBF’s 8 Random Thoughts of the Moment

Once again, 8 thoughts invading my mind right now....

Monday Hangover

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So somebody is still letting Slick Rick perform:


Weekend Wrap-up

Finally! A Beyonce sighting. I was wondering where this chick's been:


No More Goodies

Mini Fab+Nick Cannon Is King Sized

Don't forget kids...

Take The Lead comes out TOMORROW. Go ahead and get that in ya life.