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Foolywang Material-A Message From NY

I NEVER intended to discuss this damn Flavor of Love hoopla this much, but I can't help it....it has drawn me in worse than crack to a fiend....

NY has written a message on her myspace page to all of her "fans". Check it out below:

FLAV…Are These Ya Chicks?

Looks like Pumpkin, Goldie, and Hoopz are BFF still:

What's really goin on here people?

I’m Working On It

For some reason this blog page is acting a fool with all these blank pics/ads not showing up. I'm in the process of figuring out why...so hopefully things will be back to 100% really soon.

Stay tuned!

Update: Fixed!

Unfab Candids

Well well well. Looks like Cici is gettin in good with moms-Bow Wow's mom. They all took a family trip to the Louis Vuitton Store in St. Barts:

Oh uh uhn. Do they have on matching hats?



Some celebs were at Soul Kitchen at Forge in Miami Beach Sunday. And Brandy was looking better than usual:


Run It!

Ya'll know what time it is:

Who RAN IT in this outfit?

Christina (2006 BET's Rip The Runway)..or..Beyonce' (2004 MTV Music Awards outfit posed in the wax museum)

YOU…Shake Your Junk

Don't act like ya'll haven't seen that commercial. Hilarious. And ever so appropriate for this ridiculous Buffie the Body video. I mean damn. I'm too speechless to even hate on the chick.

Moving on...