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WTF? Is This Ya Baby Momma Michael?+Are You Serious Russey?

Event Fab: GrindHouse Premiere and Discover

The GrindHouse movie premiere went down in LA this week:


Oh Really?


Beyonce’s "Kitty Kat"+Celebs Out & About

Here's B's official video for "Kitty Kat" for the B'Day video anthology:

EDIT: Beyonce's people/Sony BMG have asked me to remove this vid as it has not been released and is copywritten and it's being removed from Youtube. And since Beyonce doesn't pay nan one of my bills, I'm not about to catch a case behind her. The vid will be back up in a few days.


YBF Interview: Joe

I had the fabulous opportunity to interview Joe this week. I must admit, his sultry singing voice is much hotter than his speaking voice, but he's extremely talented, sweet, and well spoken:

Publicity Fiends

The Simmons girls are kicking off their new shoe line called Pastry Footwear:



Cherish @ BET's Spring Bling last week