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My People

I'm FINALLY finished moving back to the N.O. and I'm feelin back in my element. As for the progress of the city...things are lookin up, but mos def not back to normal. I got a lil teary eyed while riding around the city, but hopefully things will be back better than before. The malls were SUPER PACKED today so I guess that's a good sign of life. WASSUP TO AlL MY N.O. PEOPLES!

Run It

Wassup my peoples. If posting starts to slow down a bit, it's beuase my final memo is due tomorrow and I am moving Sunday back to New Orleans. I'm also still preparing for my Law School finals. With that said.............

Who Ran it?

Mini Fab

Check this mess out:

And Another One

So my late 80's crush is back. Mr. Ralph Tresvant is coming out with a new solo cd:

Because I Felt Like It…

More gossip...

Ummm Remy Ma:

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Keepin it Crunk

The gossip...

Beyonce' launched her True Star Gold fragrance Sunday and was welcomed by 4,000 visitors. So why is she looking...

Back Down Memory Lane….

For last week's "Who Ran It?"..... with a vote of 14-3...Kelly RAN IT. Stay tuned for the next one.

I just wanna take a minute to acknowledge how Da Brat needs to revert back to her girliness. She's been lookin quite tomboyish lately and it does NOTHING for her. A walk down memory lane: