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Pimps Up…..

Aiiight oh fabulous ones....this will be the last post until Monday. I'm going to DC for Thanksgiving break. And I need to study and relax...if that's possible. The family has decided to have Thanksgiving there at my sister's...and plus....it's my nephew's 1st birthday tomorrow!!! Yes, I'm just too excited.

This is quite possibly the funniest GIF I've seen in a long time:

Still Tippin

Yep..it's double post day. Just a treat for you fabulous readers.

You don't know bout DJ Screw...

She’s Feelin Sexy

Here's more photos from Beyonce' as the face of Samantha Thavasa bags:

Mini Fab

I take one day off and all KINDS of stuff starts poppin off.....

Big up to Rod over at Rod 2.0:beta for helping me out with all kinds of stuff. And for getting together this much needed Black Blogad Network. His blog is fabulous and ya'll need to check it out.

Picture Perfect

Back to wassup in the Wood...

Check out these picture perfect photoshoots {Click the pics}:

These are the rest of Toccara's photoshoot pics from the last time I posted it:

Talkin Ish Bout Me…..

Note to all those talking all that ish....

Now I know I said I wouldn't address the "hater" and "accusation" problem again...but I am...so sue me. I'll prolly win anyway.

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

And it's gossip time folks....

So Tyson threw a seriously suspect "lingerie party" at Crobar in Miami Beach this weekend: