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Mini Fab

Becuase I'm tired of waiting to announce news that pops up throughout the day..I'm instituting the new Mini Fab posts...here goes:

Turn It Up

Remember ya'll....if you've customized your Yahoo or MSN pages...add this site to your page by clicking on the "Add to___" button on the side panel. If not...just bookmark this site. And if you want to advertise here...holla at a sistah.

Rumors and Relatives

Here's the hot ish...

Janet's alleged daughter

The Ill


Lonely....I'm so lonely....

Taking Notice

Aight ya'll! Dorrie Wheeler of the hot hip hop website Thabiz.com interviewed me recently and it's up!!! Make sure you check it out here and here. I'm so excited!

Baby Phab

Check out the new Tagboard on the sidebar! Spit ya mind.

Did ya'll see The Apprentice tonight? I'm hella mad at Donald Trump for letting the men meet Wyclef (who they don't know nothing about to respect him the way Clef need to be respected). He had them make a song with Clef and it was HORRIBLE. A group of all these corporate white men rappin/singin/and spittin a song with Clef was the craziest thing I ever heard. And they just thought it was the crunkest thing.

Hello Mr. Wordpress!

'Tis Zillz. How'd I get here you may ask? I followed the crumbs that Flock left. Who else has found their way into Wordpress.com via Flock? By the way, Flock is in Dev. Preview. Firefox is jealous.