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Proof is in the Pics…

So if there was any doubt in your mind about Ashanti and Nelly being a couple...squash it.

Rumors this, Rumors that

Everybody tryin to be like Angelina these days. Kimora Lee Simmons announced that she will be adopting 3 brand new children from different countries. And yes, the future mother of the united nations talked about it in her Insider interview today like she was getting some new Luis Vuitton bags or sumthin.

Party it up!

Yes...black people do kick it in the Hamptons.

Kimora and Russell Simmons threw a Hamptons party this weekend. The First Family of hip-hop honored Alicia Keys at its "Bright Lights" philanthropy event.


Why do people do the things they do? Lil' Kim used to be my girl. Now she's just scary.

Kim...stay away from the damn knife! Plastic surgery is NOT your friend. Let's move on...quickly...

So little time

Aiight ya'll. Lots of gossip to relay, little time to relay it. Try to keep up with all the fabulousness....

The pics say it all

Yet again, it's time to deal with my conscious. "Go support a black movie at all costs" vs. "I know I wanna wait till this stupid ass movie come out on video...and I don't even know if I'll see it then". Ahh the choices we must make.

Too much for me!

I will be sending in a perfected resume' to some damn body to become Mariah Carey's stylist. Honestly, she's a beautiful woman...but why must she dress like this? She looks homely and trashy at the same time. It's just unnecessary. Her clothes went from completely toned down to NO tone at all over the span of her career.