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Ct’d Foxy Brown Story

Here's the 3rd and 4th page in the Foxy Brown going deaf article in People. Click on the thumbnails to read. Enjoy!

Stayin Fly-i-i-i-i-i-i…..

What it do ya'll? Time to hop to the gossip. Kind of a slow news day (and I need to hit up even more reading of Torts and Criminal Law cuz it just never ends)...but we gonna make it work...

Here's a few Mom and Me pics of celebs with their moms. Gives you an idea of how they'll look when the weave all burns away and makeup all drips away later on in life:

You Are Being Watched

Dame Dash is a fool. By the way, a top 5 list of the most fabuolous kick off phrases from tv shows is on deck after the gossip. Let's get it crackin:

Just FYI

To all my fabulous readers:

Draped Up and Dripped Out…

The delay in the updating of this blog is so not my fault. So fall back ya'll...don't send me no crazy e-mails about updating more often. It's all on Blogger's dysfunctional self this time. By the way, the extra large pics used in this post were my way of circumventing the system. Lots of gossip to drop, so keep up ya'll....

All the glitz and glamour of the red carpet, parties, and concerts was on and poppin this week.

The 2005 Black Movie Awards were taped last Sunday at the Wilter Theater in LA.:


Apparently Blogger is having some technical difficulties. As soon as this gets worked out, or I figure out a way around these probs, I will update.


La Bella Vita

Sorry for the wait. Law school + moving is a beast. Here's a long post to make up for it.

Bigga was out and about in Europe last week and this weekend:

Here's the couple at the La Suite party in Paris: