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DO WE LOVE IT?: Beyonce's "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" FULL

And another one.. [audio:01 Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It).mp3] Oh yes we're dropping the new ish back to back for you.  And some folks ain't gonna like that.  Beyonce released this second track "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" simultaneously for Urban radio while "If I Were A Boy" was for Pop radio.  So check out "Single Ladies" above. And we've got the full version for you FIRST.

DO WE LOVE IT?: Beyonce's "If I Were A Boy"

It's finally here: [audio:b-ifiwereaboy.mp3] Beyonce's first single off her upcoming album dropped today. Check out "If I Were A Boy" and decide...


By the way, her movie with Adrian Brody, Mos Def, Gabby Union, and other folks Cadillac Records is set to hit theaters December 5th.

Mariah Throws Nick A B-day Party+Other Ish

Ahh yes.  Marital bliss and cake.  What more could a chick ask for? Nick and Mariah hit up Pure nightclub in Vegas where Nick was DJing that night.  And Mariah surprised her hubby with a flamerific cake.  *thinks about inserting proper joke here but changes mind* I'm sure they had some fun times. And Michelle Williams and Eve hit he red carpet of the "M" by Megu Lounge Launch Party in the NYC last night: By the way, Michelle's album came out yesterday. *crickets* More pics when you read the rest...

Halle Berry Is Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive+Jazmine Sullivan's "Bust Your Windows" Video

Ish like this makes me want to hate Halle. She's been named Esquire magazine's Sexiest Woman Alive in their upcoming November issue. And this chick hasn't done a damn thing this year but have a baby. A couple magazine covers and an infinite amount of candids of you going to the grocery store and shopping while your belly, chi chis, and feet are big as hell. And you still get named the Sexiest Woman Alive. How sickening is that? Oh, and these hot ass pics from her spread make us hate her even more: Inspired by Mr. Clinton I see. Jazmine Sullivan's new vid and a snippet from "The Real Housewives of ATL" premiere when you read the rest...

Ciara's "Go Girl" Video

And it's finally here:
Ciara premiered her brand new video for "Go Girl" tonight. And it's a hot one. Check it.

Video Fab: Kanye's "Love Lockdown"+Common's "Universal Mind Control"+Shontelle's "T-Shirt"

Check out Kanye West's brand new video for "Love Lockdown". Very interesting to say the least. He just premiered it on "Ellen" this morning.

Do We Love It?: Christina Milian's "Us Against The World"

Look who finally skipped off the red carpet and into the studio: Christina Milian's brand new single has leaked early. It's called "Us Against The World" and it's her debut track on Myspace Records--her new label home.

Usher's "Trading Places" Video


Barack Covers VIBE+Joe Brings The Foolishness+Jazmine Sullivan Busts The Charts

VIBE magazine announces its November 2008 cover today with Barack Obama, marking the first time in history that the leading lifestyle publication has ever formally endorsed a Presidential nominee. In the issue, Editor-in-Chief Danyel Smith writes, "…I am clear about what must be done. The staff is behind me. This is a formal endorsement, by VIBE magazine, of Senator Barack Obama…We built hip hop from nothing to something. We can do anything." This historic collector's edition also marks the second time that VIBE has placed the Senator of Illinois on its cover after being the first music magazine to do so in September 2007. In an unprecedented one-page letter exclusive to VIBE readers, Obama also calls out today's youth, urging them to take a stand and vote for change. He writes, "Dear VIBE Readers…I am running for President to take this country in a new direction. But I can't do it alone. I need you. Whether it's the first time, or the first time in a long time, I need you to register and vote on November 4th." In other political news, I have seriously lost almost all respect for Joe.  Apparently, a while back, Joe was toting the fact that he is not a registered voter. And he had no intentions of doing so. So he hit up the Tom Joyner Morning Show a couple weeks ago and confirmed this. He said he had no good reason he wasn't registered, but he "knows Obama is going to win hands down" and O didn't need his vote. *blank stare* He went on to say he would register only because Tom twisted his arm to, and he thought he could vote online. This is a grown ass man. I'm done. Listen to the audio here. UPDATE: Joe went on the Wendy Williams show last week and said he registered right after the Tom Joyner show and is now recruiting others to do the same. News on Jazmine Sullivan when you read the rest...

Janelle Monae's "Many Moons" Video+On The Set With Chris Brown & Ciara

Check out Janelle Monae's new video for "Many Moons ". Lovin' this chick. And Chris Brown and Ciara were spotted on the set of a new video:
Allegedly, it's the set of Chris' "Superhuman" video. But he shot that with Keri Hilson, who is on the song unlike Ciara, weeks ago and she even talked about it on "106 and Park". So either they're re-shooting with Ciara, doing extra scenes with Ciara, or it's for a whole new video all together. Let the rumor mill begin... UPDATE: OK we now have more stills with Keri Hilson still in the video as well. Check them out when you read the rest...