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Baby Bumps


SPOTTED: Keyshia Cole's Christmas Baby Bump

Keyshia Cole went back to her hometown of Oakland yesterday for Christmas. And while she was kickin' it with kiddies (and her adoptive mother) at a charity event, she brought her pregnant belly along too:

She's def a cute preggers chick. Now for all of you who were in denial that she is preggers and you "couldn't see the bump," here you go. She looks like she's about to drop any day now... More pics under the cut...

Trina, Nicki Minaj, & Teyana Taylor Party It Up+Monica "Danger" Leon Is Preggers AGAIN!

Monica "Danger Leon (of the "For The Love of Ray-J" fame) just posted on Twitter that she is pregnant....again.  And the baby is due July 2010:

She just had a baby like an hour ago. I mean...are the stitches even healed yet? No word on if her man Gabriel Cannon (Nick's half brother and her current baby's daddy) is the father. But Danger's surely been propositioning Fabolous to lay the pipe down on her. Check it. Meanwhile, over the weekend Trina and Nicki Minaj had a second birthday party at Club Miami in ATL:

Teyana Taylor (of course) was there too. More pics when you read the rest....

Deelishis Shows Off Her Baby Belly+Angel Lola Luv & Lil Kim Ooze At the Club

London "Deelishis" Charles--Flavor Flav's winner on "Flavor of Love 2"--just Twitpic'd new pics of her preggers belly.  She says she's 5 months:

She also changed the background of her Twitter page to a pic of her and her fiance Orlando--so I guess that means they are still together. And Angel Lola Luv kicked it with Lil Kim in Baltimore at The Velvet Room over the weekend:

I know it just smelled like hot plastic up in there.  Still heart u though Kimmy.... More pics of these folks when you read the rest....

VIDEO Of Keyshia Cole, Her Preggers Belly, And Her "Boobie"

Keyshia Cole Is Due In March, Finds Another Sister

London "Deelishis" Charles Is Pregnant...Again.

We Spy A Keyshia Cole Baby Bump...

Back in September, everybody (including Keyshia's manager Manny) denied that Keyshia Cole was pregnant. All despite this Preggers Watch post we did on September 17th that clearly showed the beginning of her baby bump during her appearance at a Wal-Mart. But it looks like she can't hide it anymore. This weekend she and her Cavalier boyfriend Daniel "Boobie" Gibson gave away turkeys and a bag of groceries to families at Bethany Baptist Church in Cleveland. And when she got up to speak, her hand placement and thick belly definitely give way to a pronounced baby bump.  These pics are from the event.

Not sure how much longer she's going to hide away from the red carpet and public events. But I'm sure she and her soon to be baby daddy Boobie will be having a "secret" baby shower soon. Wonder if she hit up her sis Neffe for birthing advice. She's an expert by now. Even though Key Key and Boobie haven't confirmed, congrats to the couple anyway.... More pics under the cut...