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Baby Fab


Well This One Slid Past Us: Pharrell's & Fabolous' New Babies

Apparently Fabolous has a newborn son in his life and didn't tell anyone.  About a week ago, my sources informed me that there was a baby shower going down in Brooklyn and it was indeed for Fabolous and his baby mama.  But the baby was already here.  Of course I had to check into this ish since I just knew nobody would have gone and had a baby by my longtime crush Mr.

Tameka Says She Wants More Babies With Usher+Jeezy & Kanye's "Put On" Video+Sherri Shepherd Speaks On Her Abortions+Miss Cleo Makes A Comeback

According to Us Weekly, Tameka Foster Raymond let media sources know the other night at the HollyRod event that not only is she just loving her hyperactive Baby Usher V, but she's already ready to expand her fam with Usher even more: "He's like hyper baby — he's crawling so fast!...He stands up, and he's walking around the table ... it's amazing to watch him," added Foster, 38. "I've never seen a baby crawl so fast! I call him Dash, like on the Incredibles!...We're just scared because the baby knows how to get off the bed already, so our bed is like a gigantic crib because we have rails." And when Mrs. Raymond was asked about having more kids, she said: "I'd love to have more, we just gotta make the time." Here we go again.... And Sherri Shepherd is letting everyone in on her past life before she converted to Christianity. In her feature for Precious Times (a black Christian women's magazine):
"My sister was heavy into drugs, and we would have to go and get her from crack houses," Shepherd, 41, says.
At the time, the stand-up comic — then a Jehovah's Witness – was "in a very physically abusive relationship," she said. "I was sleeping with a lot of guys and had more abortions than I would like to count." She said her self-esteem became so low, "I felt if someone killed me, it wouldn't even make a difference." But after converting to Christianity, she said, "God showed me that it would make a difference."
Wow. She also talks about relying on her faith to get her through her recent divorce from her husband who cheated on her and got another woman pregnant. Jeezy and Kanye's new "Put On" video and a Miss Cleo update when you read the rest...

Halle Shows Off Pics Of Baby Nahla!

Looks like Halle is a proud mama.  While she was out shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday, she showed off her own personal stash of pics of Baby Nahla Aubrey-Berry to folks in the store:   She and Nahla's father Gabriel have made it quite clear that they will not be selling baby pics to the tabloids for money.  But Jessica and Cash Warren said the same thing and they're now $1.5 million richer thanks to a "change of heart".  Time will tell...   More pics when you read the rest...

First Pics Of Baby Nahla Aubrey-Berry!

Halle Berry was spotted canoodling her bundle of joy out in L.A. today.  And it's our first glimpse of the Berry-Aubrey celebuspawn Nahla Looking precious already.  Heeeey Nahla!

The Million Dollar Alba-Warren Baby

I usually don't do Jessica Alba news but apparently there's a big to-do about this new baby of hers. News of Jessica Alba and Cash Warren's deal that is upwards of $1.5 million to show off their baby via the tabloids spread like crazy last week.  And now, her OK! cover is here for all of you wondering what Baby Honor Marie Warren looks like:

Baby Usher Revealed!

Thanks to some keen eyes, Baby Usher V was spotted as he made a quick cameo in one of Usher's behind the scenes video for his Essence shoot.  Check out t

Spotted: The Flavs, The Bryants, & Mel B.

Flavor Flav, his new fiance (I hear they're already married though), and baby were all spotted in Vegas partying it up poolside the other day:

Oh, and look what other type of family fun was there with them:

Yeah, because that's G rated enough for the kid. More foolishness from Flav and other celebs out and about when you read the rest...