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Brandy Hits LAX+Trina & LaLa Party It Up In Atlanta+Christina Milian Thinks A New Label Will Help

  Brandy hit LAX yesterday right after jacking an eskimo for his winter stash.  I want this jumbo sized overly feathered Ugg boot insanity to stop.  Like 2 years ago.  Cute look other than that though.

Friday WTF Material

  So Katt Williams performed at South Beach's Comedy Fest last night.  And with fans like these...what pimp really needs hos?

The Cycle 10 ANTM Chicks Are Here+Ludacris Opening A Restaurant+Rihanna Pimps Chris Brown's Jacket

They're here.  Tyra didnt even give her producers a chance to do a damn thing before she made them start working on Cylce 10 of America's Next Top Model

Mariah's New Album Cover+Celebs Party It Up In The Bahamas+What You Been Doin' YaYa?

  Just like I leaked right here last week, it looks like Mariah's first single will indeed be "I'm That Chick You Like" which she has shortened to "That Chick".  And it looks like L.A. Reid got his way.  Above is the cover.  She's def on the comeback tip.

Flicks From R&B Live+Foxy B. Writes A 4-Page Letter

Celebs hit up last night's R&B Live event at NYC's Spotlight nightspot:   *Cue "And the Winner Is"* Thanks to Denzy and Jay-Z, I see drinks were on the house....

Baby Zahara's Got Competition?+Jill Scott's New Movie+Jurnee, Denzy, & Other Folks Make Appearances

Who's this new YBF baby hitting the scene? It's model/actress Liya Kibede's 2 year old daughter Raee.  YBF chick Liya is creating a line of children's clothes called Lemlem and her daughter is her muse..and model...of course.   And all her clothes are made in her home country of Ethiopia.  Both are on the cover and pages of Cookie magazine this month too.  Nice. 

Separated At Birth: Ciara & LaLa Vasquez?

Now I'm convinced these two even want to believe it themselves.  Both Ciara and LaLa Vasquez hit up the Atlanta Hawks game together last night.  Matching bags...almost matching faces...almost matching weaves....it's all pretty damn scary if you ask me.   All they needed was Wanda Sykes in the mix and I would have told at least one of them that their daddy was lyin'.  By the way, I peeped that brand new (and tacky) furry new Louis Vuitton bag in the Paris flagship store in November...and that piece wasn't even offered here in the states yet.  Still, must be nice....