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Fox Boogie Brown is Free...But Not From The Wet & Wild

Our favorite Wet & Wild #413 Magenta Lipgloss wearing rapper Foxy Brown is officially a free woman today. She exited Rikers Prison today to a huge amount of fans, friends, and family after serving 8 months of her 12 month sentence: I'm convinced the culprit who put that damn lipgloss in her commissary is somewhere in the crowd. More pics when you read the rest...

What Is This...Usher Day Or Something?

Here's Ursh's new album cover for Here I Stand:
UPDATE: Thanks to YBF reader Tamika for pointing out the license plate in the cover pic is a shoutout to Usher's son Usher V-Cinco 1126--Usher V's birthday is November 26th. Sweet. Interesting. The album is still set to drop May 27th. He and his wife Tameka were also spotted out having lunch on Tuesday at Crustacean restaurant in Beverly Hills: Photogs say Ursh told them he "was the luckiest man in the world" having married Tameka. Let's all say it together: Awwwww. Now cue the violins. More pics of the couple when you read the rest...

Candid Fab: Jay-Z & Usher's Boys' Night

Both Jay-Z and Ursh left the wives at home to hit the Hollywood streets last night: They were spotted leaving Katsuya restaurant as Jay remains ringless. More pics when you read the rest...

Spotted: Candace "Black" Cabrera & T.O. Together Again?

Well look who was spotted arriving to LAX the other day: Terrell Owens and his ex girlfriend turned Flavor Flav's rumored new winner of his final clock Candace "Black" Cabrera. This is very interesting since not only has she been rumored to win the who shebang on Flavor of Love 3, but if she's jetsetting around with her ex Terrell then this may just be a spoiler that she didn't win. Regardless, homegirl is trying her damndest to hide. But like the 5 head foreheads....that prominent jaw will always be a dead giveaway. More pics when you read the rest... NOTE: I waited a few days to post these pics as I wasn't 100% sure this was indeed Candace in the pics. However, after checking with sources, I've had mixed feedback (interestingly even from people who claim to be close to her) on whether it's her or not. So for the sake of gossip, we're keepin' it going.  And it's definitely interesting that T.O. just got back from L.A. (likely the same day these shots were taken) to film his guest star spot on Flav's new show Under One Roof. Hmmm...

Spotted: Denzy, Pauletta, & MJB On The Hollywood Streets

Happy couple Denzel and Pauletta Washington were spotted on the streets of Beverly Hills yesterday leaving the Grill restaurant: What? An actual smile from Denzy when he's with his wife?  Finally.  More pics when you read the rest...

Spotted: Lauren London On Set & Naomi Campbell Out To Dinner + Updates On The MTB Tour

YBF chick Lauren London was recently spotted on the set of her new movie I Love You, Beth Cooper: The movie is about a nerdy valedictorian going all out and declaring his love for the popular cheerleader (Hayden Panettiere) in his class. More pics when you read the rest...

Celebrity Face Time: Kimora, The Bryants, Alicia, Carmelo, Nelly, Boris, Jenny, Joy, & Miss USA

Just in time for Season 2 of Life in the Fab Lane (premiering April 20th at 8/7c on Style), The YBF has an exclusive clip from the show of Kimora's first day as acting President of Phat Farm, Inc. Check it: I can't help but loves this chick.