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Serena, Christina & Selita Hit The Streets+Caron Butler's & Quincy Jones' B-Day Parties+Other Fabness

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Serena Williams was spotted leaving Villa nightclub.  And everything looked straight until all those sweat stains made an appearance.  Unsure much?  Let's work that out next time Spotty McSpotty.

Somebody Come Give Halle An Award

How many women can walk their big pregnant self out and about in Santa Monica visiting friends, with half their stomach out, looking uncomfortable as all hell, smile, and STILL look cute while doing so? Photobucket  More pics under the cut...  

Celebs Hit The Town: Christina, Montel, Robin Givens, Laurence Fishburne, & Shaq

Christina Milian was spotted with her Audi outside the Sony CIERGE Preview event in Hollywood.  Possibly not the best move putting your license plate number on blast, but she looked cute nonetheless. 

New Job Alert: Gabrielle Union On The Set Of Cadillac Records

Well look who got a new job: Gabrielle Union on set of Cadillac Dreams Gabrielle Union on set of Cadillac Dreams Gabrielle Union was spotted looking fabulous as usual on the set of Cadillac Records today in Jersey. She rocked her 50's hairstyle for the movie and was on her way to wardobe. Apparently, she's been added to the co-star line up with Beyonce who is playing Etta James, Columbus Short who is playing Little Walter, and others. I don't know why they were trying to keep her role a secret. Chick needs to be shouting this new job from some damn rooftops. More pics under the cut...

Jay-Z & Djimon Hit The Club...And What's Really Hood Jay?

Jay-Z was spotted filing into Butter nightclub in NY late last night.  Supposedly he was just joking around with the Butter owner Richie Akiva putting him in a headlock.  But um...seeing that there is nan a comical look on owner dude's face and considering that beer belly accessory Jay's been sporting lately, I'm going with Jay was just full of that "drank". Context clues are what's important here peoples. On the gossip tip: Richie Akiva comes from a billionaire rich family and his father is the technical owner of Butter--who also owns both that club and Socialista with none other than Dame Dash. How convenient that Richie and Dame fell out a while back and Richie's been out for Dame for a while. Enter Dame's former BFF, Jay-Z.  YBF sources say Richie has been "out" as of a while ago (despite him paying off celebrity chicks to publicly claim him as their boyfriend for a set amount of time), and is raising all kinds of eyebrows thanks to how close he's become with Jay. And the folks in both of their camps know this "situation" very well.  So of course, these pics are raising even more brows.  

Hustlin' For Publicity: Nivea, Samantha Mumba, & Jesse White+Kelis, Tichina, & Shar Do Fashion Week

Look who was spotted partying it up:   
Source: Alltheparties.com
The Dream's soon to be ex wife and Weezy's rumored new lil boo for the second time Nivea.  Wherever this chick has been hiding out, I'm tempted to tell her to go back if this is how she's going to come out in public.  But don't we all want another "Laundromat" type song just for S's and G's?

Halle's Still Pregnant+Snoop's Album Release Party

Halle was spotted out and about with Gabe looking like she's about to pop:
Pics source: Celebrity-gossip.net
Chick is still fly even on her worst day.