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EVENING TIDBITS: Beyonce, Kanye, Alicia Keys, & Method Man

Beyonce was spotted getting mulled by paparazzi while heading to her hubby's show in Norway last night:

Were they snapping shots of her---or that fur that looks like it's about to jump up and attack the camera folks?

Alicia Keys says if she can't beat em...join em.  She's starting a new blog that's focused on "positivity and uplifting women" because there's a lack of it in the blogosphere.  But the real question is: Will Mashonda be a guest blogger?? More when you read the rest...

YBF Talks To Good Hair Celebs+Filmmaker Sues Chris Rock Over Alleged Good Hair Copyright Infringement

YBF's NYC correspondent Kourtney "K-Rich" Ri'chard hit the red carpet for last night's Target and Cinema Society Good Hair premiere. And we've got some exclusive video of celebs cracking us up talking hair:

Check out what Ashanti (who says she doesn't use a perm), Wendy Williams, Chris Rock, Al Sharpton, and others had to say about what "good hair" means to them. Chris Rock gets slapped with a copyright infringement suit when you read the rest...

EVENT FAB: NY Film Festival+Think Pink Rocks Concert+Rick Ross Takes A Tumble

Celebs turned out for the NY Film Festival this weekend and the Precious screening. Nick and Mariah got cutesy for the cameras.

MJB kicked it with the fabulous Paula Patton.

And Lenny and Zoe Kravitz made an appearance.

Over at the Think Pink Rocks event for Breast Cancer in Boca Raton, FL, Rocsi, organizer Steve Rifkind, and his twins were all there:

Trina was there to perform too.  Looks like she's been in the gym reppin' for the CGU chicks the right way.

Fun times. But no Sanaa in sight....

And check out Rick Ross' tumble when he hit the stage last night. Big homie fell off the stage. I doubt 50 was anywhere around...

More pics from these events when you read the rest...

VIDEO FAB: Alicia Keys & Jay-Z Film "Empire State Of Mind" Vid+Tyra In "Gossip Girl"

AFTERNOON ISH: Weezy, Diddy & LaToya

Check out ya boy Weezy talking about his craziest groupie/tale. And it involves denying groupies his peen and them shooting up his tour bus. Diddy has officially announced he's moving Bad Boy to Interscope. Check the vid of him chillin' with Interscope head Jimmy Iovine the other day. And Diddy's explanation of his move: “I had started some previous business relationships with Jimmy Iovine. We had a great chemistry with each other. When I sat down with Julie [Greenwald, Atlantic COO] and told them that I had an interest to go sign with Jimmy and they didn’t make it rough for me. Lyor [Cohen, WMG Chairman] and Julie were nice enough to let me get my [Bad Boy] name. I was able to take the name over to Interscope and to still in stay in business with them. I am not abandoning any of my artists over there, I still have that imprint. But all my future recordings, including my recording contract, that will be at Interscope Records.” According to Combs, the new Bad Boy label with Interscope will operate like a small boutique label, with an emphasis on signing unique talent. “We are going to take our time with the amount of acts that we sign,” Combs stated, adding that the label will cater to “superstars.” We want to find those very unique artists. We want to build something very special that’s not already out there.”
Source: Allhiphop.com
By the way, Cassie (and some other Bad Boy folks) are reportedly being left at Warner Music. Looks like f'in for tracks got you stuck out boo. Womp womp... More ish when you read the rest...

Pooch Hall's New Gigs+The Obamas' Family Night+Weezy's B-Day Party+Fabolous' Reality Show

"The Game's" Pooch Hall has got himself a couple new gigs.  He's the new model for DJPremium's clothing site for Fall '09.  And he also just started his stint on CBS' show "Accidentally On Purpose".  Here's more pics of his modeling gig:

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So Lil Wayne's 27th birthday was yesterday. And what other way to celebrate other than your "daddy" tattooing your birthdate big as hell on his arm. And handing you a cake decorated in diamonds and a $1 mill Chopard watch.

Um, yeah. That's money to blow I guess....
Photos: DerickG.com
Pics of the Obamas and news on Fabolous' reality show when you read the rest...

EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE From The 2009 Hip Hop Honors Red Carpet

Sorry for the short delay. Partying it up too hard at last night's CBC events here in D.C. has me in recovery mode. More on that later though. YBF's NY Correspondent Kourtney "K-Rich" Richard hit yet another red carpet last night.  YBF was on the scene for VH-1's Hip Hop Honors and we caught up with celebs to get some tea: