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Soulja Boy Is The New Louis Vuitton Don?+Beyonce Gets Quotable+Chris Brown Not Guilty Of Nude Pic Scandal

The Knowles Girls Travel The World+Beyonce Gets A Diva-Tude?

Mrs. Carter's been playing Where in the World is Beyonce hitting up several different countries while on her I Am... tour.  And she and her sis Solange were spotted in Amsterdam this weekend:

Then Bey and Mama Tina were spotted in Prague recently as well:

And at her concert in Rotterdamn last night, she apparently got pissy with her lighting people and kept screaming for the lights to come up and said in the middle of her song "Somebody's going to get fired." It did happen during Diva so maybe it was planned.
More pics of Beyonce in Prague when you read the rest...

Sasha Fierce Gets A British Makeover

Since Beyonce's going to London November 2nd to perform at O2, 100 British chicks decided to celebrate by dressing up like Bey and performing the entire "Single Ladies" video in the middle of London spontaneously. As a group. Check it:

*UPDATED* Rick Ross ARRESTED!+Snoop Dogg Hiding A Dead Body?

So Rick Ross was arrested and held hostage in an Atlanta tattoo parlor City of Ink  Tuesday night. Apparently there was a possible sting operation of some kind going on and Ricky was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was cuffed and all, but then was released as soon as cops realized who he was. But 2 of his friends are still in custody. Let 50 Cent tell it and the cops released Ricky when they realized he was one of them.

Chris Brown Pleads NOT GUILTY! Lawyer Won't Confirm Current Relationship Status With Rihanna!

LIVE COVERAGE: Chris Brown Goes To Court!

[Live Stream Ended]
Chris Brown is set to arrive to the L.A. County Courthouse by 3p PST. {Shout out to HipHollywood.com for the live footage} This is live raw footage from outside the courthouse. News crews are not allowed inside the Courthouse once Chris arrives. But we hear certain sources are allowed in according to a lotto system.

Omarion & His Wife's Threesome Sex Tape?! The Proof Is In The Pics...

Well looky here:

Omarion and his new wife filmed themselves making a sex tape.  At least that's what our sources reveal to us.  The YBF revealed exclusively weeks ago that Omarion had secretly married his girlfriend who is a bisexual Magic City stripper.  And it looks like she brought her skills to the bedroom.  We're told these pics are from an alleged sex tape that's about to hit the net soon.  And his girl's girlfriend may be the one holding the camera.  Damn O. Clearly the pics are recent as O is rocking his new braid-less fade.  Coincidentally--or not--O's new song "I Think My Girl Is Bi" is floating around the net right now too.  Check it:

More pics when you read the rest...