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RAPPERS' DELIGHT: Kid Cudi's PUNCH OUT!+Lil Wayne & Pleasure P & Others Party It Up!

Kid Cudi is wilin.  He punched out one of his fans at his Vancuver concert on Friday night after a fan threw their wallet at Cudi.  Too bad he punched out the wrong person.  Dude hopped off the stage and punched homeboy over the baracade.  I mean, was it that serious Cudi? And down in Miami, Lil Wayne and Pleasure P partied it up at PLAY:

That blue lipstick. WHY?

Guess Pleasure needed a stress relief from all the child molestation drama.  He says "someone's out to get me" by the way where that situation's concerned. More pics under the cut...

In Case You Missed It...

Here are videos of Rihanna on "SNL" this weekend:

Shaq's Mistress Latosha Lee: Aspiring Actress!

Surprise surprise.  Shaq's mistress Latosha Lee--whom TheYBF.com exclusively uncovered--is an aspiring actress.  We found a few displays of her "acting"....and her dancing videos too: I'm mad she had the audacity to talk about gold diggers in that last one. More when you read the rest...

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VIDEO Of Keyshia Cole, Her Preggers Belly, And Her "Boobie"

Lady GaGa Busts Her Ass On Stage...Twice

Lady GaGa performed in Montreal, Canada last night. And she pulled a J.Lo of sorts while on stage.

Morning S's & G's: Cubby Does "Video Phone"

Remember the guy named Cubby who parodied the "Single Ladies" video in a leotard? Well he's back for the "Video Phone" video parody.