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YBF Folks Hit The NYC Social Scene+YBF's Exclusive Black Girls Rock! Red Carpet Footage

Jennifer Hudson hit up the 2009 Whitney Museum Gala at The Whitney Museum of American Art in NY last night.

Hair is looking gorgeous Jenny and she's rocking Versace. And over at the Stella by Starlight Gala, Whoopi, Ruby Dee, and her musician grandson Jammal Day made appearances:

By the way, check out YBF NYC Correspondent K-Rich on the Black Girls Rock! Red Carpet this weekend:

Y'all know YBF had to get the celeb scoop first hand for y'all. More pics when you read the rest...

WEEKEND FOOLISHNESS: DMX, Ocho Cinco, Jermaine Jackson, & Steve McNair

It's like Groundhog's Day with DMX and the police. Here's video of X getting to a serious scuffle with the cops in Colorado Springs, CO this weekend. Here's what went down: DMX was scheduled to perform at 9pm last night. However, he didn't show up to the venue until after 11pm. Likely due to ordinance and noise curfews...or maybe because they just said so...X couldn't take the stage. The police attempted to prevent X, his chick, and his crew from entering the venue where the crowd was and from going on stage because they were hella late. X got all the way to the stage and was being physically pulled between his camp and 5-0. A riot damn near occurred in the crowd. No word yet on how this ended. Foolery was ensuing though.... EDIT: Some folks are reporting that the club promoter set DMX up to be late.

Damn homie. NFL baller Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson has been accused of writing bad checks to women in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York , Miami and New Orleans. We're told most of the girls are embarrassed to confront him about the checks...until recently. A woman named Courtney Collins put Mr. Johnson on blast via Twitter and she wants everyone to know about it. She said:

"Who knew people of his caliber wouldn't have money in a bank account to cover a check that was written by Mr. Chad Johnson." Is Chad just stopping payments to these chicks he's been writing checks to as payment for their "company"? Or is homeboy just passing out these hot checks to the unsuspecting women? Either way...WTF material indeed. More foolery under the cut...

50 Cent & Kelly Rowland Shoot "Baby By Me" Vid+Jay-Z & Alicia Keys Set For AMAs+Fantasia Sings With Her Brothers

Kelly Rowland is 50 Cent's leading lady in his new "Baby By Me" video:

Well this ought to be interesting..

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Frankie & Beyonce

Frankie got a bit tearful...ok a lot tearful...on the BET Awards red carpet this weekend when she talked about her money situation and her daughter Keyshia:

EVENING TIDBITS: Beyonce, Kanye, Alicia Keys, & Method Man

Beyonce was spotted getting mulled by paparazzi while heading to her hubby's show in Norway last night:

Were they snapping shots of her---or that fur that looks like it's about to jump up and attack the camera folks?

Alicia Keys says if she can't beat em...join em.  She's starting a new blog that's focused on "positivity and uplifting women" because there's a lack of it in the blogosphere.  But the real question is: Will Mashonda be a guest blogger?? More when you read the rest...

YBF Talks To Good Hair Celebs+Filmmaker Sues Chris Rock Over Alleged Good Hair Copyright Infringement

YBF's NYC correspondent Kourtney "K-Rich" Ri'chard hit the red carpet for last night's Target and Cinema Society Good Hair premiere. And we've got some exclusive video of celebs cracking us up talking hair:

Check out what Ashanti (who says she doesn't use a perm), Wendy Williams, Chris Rock, Al Sharpton, and others had to say about what "good hair" means to them. Chris Rock gets slapped with a copyright infringement suit when you read the rest...

EVENT FAB: NY Film Festival+Think Pink Rocks Concert+Rick Ross Takes A Tumble

Celebs turned out for the NY Film Festival this weekend and the Precious screening. Nick and Mariah got cutesy for the cameras.

MJB kicked it with the fabulous Paula Patton.

And Lenny and Zoe Kravitz made an appearance.

Over at the Think Pink Rocks event for Breast Cancer in Boca Raton, FL, Rocsi, organizer Steve Rifkind, and his twins were all there:

Trina was there to perform too.  Looks like she's been in the gym reppin' for the CGU chicks the right way.

Fun times. But no Sanaa in sight....

And check out Rick Ross' tumble when he hit the stage last night. Big homie fell off the stage. I doubt 50 was anywhere around...

More pics from these events when you read the rest...