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When the cat's away......Big Sean will play.  See the secretly snapped photo that shows the "Clique" rapper letting his fingers do the talking with a stripper inside...


Was The Change From Porsha Stewart The EVANGELIST...To A Ditzy Trophy Wife...One Cause Of The DIVORCE ?

You may have missed it when it recently & quietly hit the net, but back in 2010, "RHOA" star Porsha Stewart spent her days spreading the gospel as an EVANGELIST.  So we gotta ask, was her major change during reality TV at least one of the causes of the divorce?

FOOLYWANG MATERIAL: Jodeci ATTEMPTS To Reunite On Stage, Gets BOOED, Jumps Off Stage & Can't Get Back Up

Wondering what these 4 fellas have been up to since the 90's?  It definitely aint all good news for at least 3 of them.  Deets inside on Jodeci's recent foolywang material of a concert inside...

ROLL THE TAPE: Too Short Literally RUNNING From The Cops, Plus He Says The Drugs "Weren't His" (VIDEO)

If you need to end your day with some sh*ts and giggles, check out Too Short caught on tape running from the cops inside...


AFTERNOON FUNNIES: Torrei Hart SPOOFS Kenya Moore's "Gone With The Fabulous" VIDEO

Funnywomen Torrei Hart and Simone Shepherd are back with a new spoof, and this one takes on "RHOA" star Kenya Moore and her "Gone With The Wind Fabulous" video...


FIRST LOOK: Rappers Brianna Perry & Trina Dish GIRL TALK On Cheating Men, Going Through Your Man's Phone & "Instagram Models"

Rapper Brianna Perry is letting us in on her Girl Talk video session with fellow Miami rapper Trina and all their friends.  And we learn how the ladies get down when it comes to cheating men, why they WILL check their man's phone, and why Instagram models need to fall back.  We've got the first look of their Girl talk inside...


FOOLISH VIDEOS: The Miami Heat BUST OUT The "Harlem Shake" + Kanye West RANTS About "BRANDS" In Amsterdam

The reigning NBA champions, The Miami Heat, have joined in the viral Harlem Shake craze and dropped their own version straight from the locker room.  Watch it inside and see Kanye West poping off during his latest rant in Amsterdam.