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Plaxico, Wife, & Kid Hit The Club--No, Seriously.

Plaxico Burress hit up The Madison night club in the NYC last night along with his "wife" Tiffany Glenn and son Elijah Burress: They weren't there to

SPOTTED: LaLa & Tichina Arnold+LaLa, Carmelo & Baby Kiyan's Family Fun

YBFchick Tichina Arnold was spotted leaving Mel's Drive-In during a lunch break in Hollywood yesterday looking laid back and fab: How can you not love Beady Bead Tichina?  Just jokes, just jokes... LaLa Vasquez was spotted hitting the streets of Hollywood as well with her brand new Louis bag: Not feeling that bag at all.  The Louis Vuitton collections these days are just not poppin'.  Did the posers kill LV?  Hmmm..... Her boots are cute though. And speaking of LaLa, Essence is featuring her, her eternal fiance, NBA baller Carmelo Anthony, and their 21 month old son Kiyan on the site: Too cute.  I don't think I've ever seen Melo smile that hard. More family pics when you read the rest...

SPOTTED: Dave Chappelle Out With His Kids

Dave Chappelle was spotted at The Grove in LA this weekend having some fun with his two sons: They were on their way to a movie then stopped to play some video games:

Lil Wayne Throws Daughter Reginae Her 10th Birthday Bowling Party

Cuteness ensued as Lil Wayne threw a star studded 10th birthday bowling party for his daughter Reginae in Atlanta.  I had a bowling party too for my 10th birthday so I'm definitely feeling it.  Tiny, T.I., their army of kids, Monica and her kiddies, and Reginae's mom Antonia were all there to party it up: I see the love for cupcakes runs in the fam. And look who else made an appearance.  Lyfe Jennings.  His baby's mama Joy has apparently joined the Baby Mama BFF Club consisting of Antonia Carter, Joy, and Tiny.  And it looks like everyone made up by now.   I guess... On the gossip tip: Sources at the party tell us that a camera crew was there following around the Baby Mama BFF clique throughout the party.  They could have been there because they were hired by Weezy to videograph the party.  But I sense a reality show coming on.  And don't act like you wouldn't watch that trainweck. More party pics when you read the rest...

OUT & ABOUT: Ciara & Garcelle Beauvais With Jax & Jaid

Ciara was spotted leaving TAO restaurant in NY after a dinner with friends: She's looking pretty fab.

Solange Wants A New Baby+More Pics From The Susan Taylor Celebration

Solange Knowles says she's ready for baby #2.  And 3 and 4 and 5 and so on.  She says she's gotten inspiration from the Jolie-Pitts and wants to adopt baby sisters and baby brothers for little Juelz.  But of course, no more shot-gun marriage foolishness.  Solo says she wants to be really married and have a big family.  Cute. More pics from the Susan Taylor celebration when you read the rest...

SPOTTED: Vanessa Williams & Her Son

Vanessa Williams and her 15 year old son Devin Hervey attended a press conference for the Allstate Parent-Teen Driving Contract: He grew up to be a cutie.  Good cause for fams too. The Randomness: 1.