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Tracy Morgan Gets Ass-tastic+Celebs Arrive In Rio+Rashida Jones' New Boo

Tracy Morgan is a fool.  Here's his latest ass-tastic quote that he told Playboy magazine in his recent interview:
"I like fucking ass! Ain’t nothin’ like the butthole. The ass is a delicacy, goddamn it. I’d put hot sauce on it. When you eat the brown hole, that’s when her toes do this. [sticks legs out and curls toes] You got to be willing to do anything to please your woman, to satisfy her. I didn’t invent it. You think I was the first one to think of having anal sex with a girl? Hell, no. I’m quite sure Adam fucked Eve in the ass. In the Garden of Eden he tore her ass up, and she was screaming like a motherfucker."
Classy. And celebs have arrived to Rio, brazil this weekend for concert performances:

Ciara and Diddy were spotted arriving. More pics when you read the rest...

Eddie Murphy's Daughter Is Gucci Mane & Usher's "Spotlight" Video Chick+Rihanna's Producer Slams Satanic Claims

Here's the stills from Gucci Mane and Usher's upcoming video for "Spotlight".  It was shot in Atlanta by director Benny Boom:

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And yes. That's Eddie Murphy and Nicole Murphy's oldest daughter Bria as Gucci's leading lady. She's 19 and is now a model for Macy's and other folks. Lookin' just like her mama...

Rihanna's producer slams the satanic claims when you read the rest...

Tracy Morgan & Steve Harvey Get Emotional

Lil Wayne's DNA Woes+Teyana Taylor Reps For Breezy+T-Boz Held Clive Davis At Gunpoint?!

Yesterday, Lil Wayne was seen entering and leaving Manhattan Supreme Court as his future is now hanging on a controversial DNA technique. It uses a miniscule number of cells to ID a suspect -- a test that critics slam as quick and dirty and unreliable. A hearing began yesterday in a Manhattan court on the scientific status of the daring technique -- so-called touch DNA testing -- although the rapper's trial on illegal gun possession charges won't start until Jan. 20. Police pulled over the 27-year-old rapper's tour bus in Columbus Circle on July 22, 2007, saying they had seen and smelled marijuana smoke wafting out the door before the bus left a concert venue minutes earlier. They said as an officer approached, the rapper tossed away a Louis Vuitton bag containing the gun. On another note, reports say Weezy is going to plead guilty and be forced to plead out a jail term. Damn.
Source: Splash News

So T-Boz hit up "The Mo'Nique Show" this week. And she revealed that back when she and TLC were going through their bankruptcy issues in the shady music biz, she lost it at one point and held her boss Clive Davis at gun point! Only getting $50,000--split 3 ways--when CrazySexyCool made $75 mill will make a sista wild the hell out. Check it. Teyana Taylor speaks on Chris Breezy when you read the rest...

Chris Brown: I Wasn't Surprised People Turned Their Backs On Me

Chris Brown Interviews From Community Service+Monica's Promo Pics

Lisa Raye: I Didn't Know Rocsi Knew My Husband+Chris Brown's "Transform Ya" Video Stills

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