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Music Fab: Ashanti's "Good Good" Vid, Michelle's New Pics & T.I.'s New Track+Amerie & Friends Party It Up+Terrence Howard Dishes On Bill Cosby

Take a look at Ashanti's brand new video for "Good Good":

Of course she has her man (who she still won't admit is her man) Nelly in the vid playing her hubby.  How convenient. Here's some new pics Michelle Williams just released:


I'm loving the new 'Chelle. More of all of this and other ish when you read the rest...

Three Snaps For Al Reynolds

Check out GAl Reynolds "clearing his name" on his brand new Youtube Channel he made and hired an interviewer to "probe" him on. He wanted to clear his name of the gay rumors and wants people to stop labeling him as just "Star Jones' husband". CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO. Um, WTF? Boy stop. I'm still trying to figure out if this ish was a joke or if it was serious.

Rihanna Goes Shopping While Chris Keeps His Silence

Rih Rih was spotted shopping it up on streets of Milan, Italy yesterday:

So This Is The Secret To A Long Hollywood Marriage?

In case you missed it...
I was waiting for a valid source to confirm this here before I posted it and that it has.  Will Smith has confirmed what damn near everybody has suspected for several years now about he and Jada's "open marriage".  In an interview with UK magazine Reveal, Willy himself has confirmed that he and Jada ask for each other's approval before they have sex with other people.  And I quote: "Our perspective is, you don't avoi

Another Miss USA Busts Her Ass+Vivica Goes Hard For Jessica Simpson

Here we go again. Miss USA Crystle Stewart took a nice little trip...and fall...at last night's Miss Universe 2008 Pagent. Very reminicent of former Miss USA Rachel Smith's ass busting performance at last year's Miss Universe 2007 Pagent. Check last year's here.

What's Beef?: Terrence & Rocsi Go At It!+Erykah Badu Says Kiss Her Placenta

Let me find out 106 and Park now has a reason for me to watch that ish. Yesterday's show was very interesting as Rocsi stormed off the stage after Terrence pretty much clowned her the whole show. Now from what I hear and from what I gather after watching those two in action like once in my whole life, Terrence always clowns Rocsi in fun. It's part of their "act". But yesterday, either Terrence took it too far, or Rocsi was just extra sensitive yesterday, or their secret "reationship" I'm convinced they have has taken a toll on them both. After looking very annoyed the whole show, Rocsi stormed off the stage looking like she was either about to cry or scream and didn't even return to close out the show. It's all in the video posted above. I mean I think Rocsi is a wack host and everything but damn. Dude was not holding his tongue yesterday. Somebody's getting fired. I just want to know who....
And Erykah Badu is lashing out on all the folks who passed judgment on her this week about how many baby daddies she has and this new pregnancy of hers. She pretty much confirms her pregnancy by titling the post "Pregnant with Insults". Check out her newest posting on her Forums (It is not on her myspace page or official fan site so I have not 100% verified the source just yet): peace, HOW DARE YOU DISRESPECT THE QUEENDOM ...AND MY CHILDREN AND MY INTELLIGENCE. ive never been so disgusted in all of my life . there is no other place i used to enjoy more . i post no where else . you guys have taken an all time low , tho. I'LL STATE MY PEACE i am a great mother and care giver to my 2 children and to this world . my children are 2 of the kindest and happiest people i have met. I home schooled them and taught them the ways of good to the best of my ability. i am their doctor and their nurse . and even sometimes their mother and their father. i am an excellent mother and resent all of the negative comments and insults on my character. I PUT MUCH TIME AND THOUGHT INTO HAVING AND RAISING MY CHILDREN. IVE HAD THE HONORS OF HAVING 2 HOME BIRTHS AND 2 WONDERFUL PARTNERS BY MY SIDE. every relationship i have been in was because i loved the person DEARLY and was dedicated to us "exclusively" FOR A NUMBER OF YEARS. the fathers of my children are my brothers and friends . we have a great deal of respect for one another and always will. WE LOVE OUR CHILDREN TO NO END. we took our own "vows" and CONTINUE TO UPHOLD THEM. AND THAT IS WHAT THAT IS . The rest of the article when you read the rest...

LL & The Dream's "Baby" Video+Teddy Riley's Son Explains Bow Wow Beef+An Update On Michelle Williams

Here's LL and The Dream's vid for "Baby".