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Jay-Z Talks Babies With B & Hits The Stage With Rih+Zoe Kravitz Is A Vera Wang Princess

Zoe Kravitz is the new face of Vera Wang Princess.  Hate the wig, loves the chick. And Jay-Z hit UCLA's campus last night to do a performance. And he brought Rihanna out for a surprise performance of "Run This Town". Check it. More news on Jay talking babies when you read the rest...

Chris Breezy Hits The Video Set With Dipset & Issues A Response To Rihanna's 20/20 Interview

For all you hip hop heads, here's some behind t

50 Cent Tells The Difference Between The Careers Of Kelly & Beyonce

Curtis has been taking some sly shots at Jay-Z as of late, esp. by jumping into the Beans vs. Jay-Z drama on Beans' side. And recently Curtis talked to Billboard magazine about his "Baby By Me" video.

Rihanna's Interview Preview & Promo Pic+Robin Thicke's "Shakin' It For Daddy"

Look who's a fierce kitty in her new promo pic.

Thandie Newton Gets Fab+Russell Simmons Checks Bill Cosby+Kerry Rhodes' Bowling Party

Thandie Newton was looking fab on last nights black carpet premiere of 2012 in London.

Russell Simmons has written an open letter to Bill Cosby about Bill's tendencies to pop off on the kids. He's asking Mr. Cosby to realize that the younger generation of the urban community is not to blame for violence and hatred::
We love Cosby and all the older types who judge and blame the poets or culture for the sadness that the poets point to from their realities. From a place of love, I am letting the older generation know that they must admit that young people are less racist, less sexist, less homophobic, less prejudice than their parents and far less than their grandparents. Mr. Cosby, you know that your generation is carrying a lot more dirt, you are all just smart enough to cover it up. Old people are quicker to destroy the planet, abuse the animals and promote wars and then act like young people are violent. Young people are more compassionate, giving, promote gay rights, animal rights, human rights, protect the environment and want to end the wars. When they point out the contradictions that come up and say it on a record and say it LOUD, you can’t believe it!
The rest is here. And here's some pics from Kerry Rhodes' bowling bash:

Oh really Tyson?

Kevin Hart, Braylon Edwards, Vivica Fox, Julissa, and Fonzworth all came out to kick it too. More pics when you read the rest...

Real Housewife Kim Is Delusional+Levi Johnston's Racist Tweets+GaGa Does "106 & Park"

Well here's a semi-YBF post for the books. Lady Gaga hit the "106 & Park" set yesterday to kick it with Terrence and Rocsi:

Surprised she actually toned down her look.

ATL Housewife Kim Z. talked to In Touch Weekly.  And chick has officially lost her damn marbles:
How have you changed since your younger years? I have black hair naturally, but my mom’s a hairdresser, so I’ve been blond gradually since 16, 17 and on. I was always a thick build. I had braces. You don’t hide that you’ve had cosmetic enhancements. I just don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. Some cosmetic enhancement is obvious. A lot of times, the people who aren’t talking about it are the ones who look horrible. I do Botox. I’ve had my boobs done twice. I started getting Botox when I was 25 for migraines. I recommend that to anybody. And VelaShape. I don’t know if it shrinks you, but it keeps you tone and taut. Would you ever do Playboy? Probably. I’d have to talk to my children, because when you’re a mom, it’s not just you anymore. I think Playboy is very classy and sexy, but there’s a time and place for it. Kim Kardashian did it very tastefully. Would you get more surgery? When I’m done having children, I’d be all for a tummy tuck. I would love a nose job, but I’m scared. I would do just about anything to maintain myself. What is the biggest misconception about you? I’m not stupid, I’m not a homewrecker or a gold digger. But I don’t even care. I’m past that. I may not make all the right decisions, but I’m happy. I’ve worked so hard to get where I am. As a single mom, you can achieve your dreams, be successful, and be a great parent. Now I look back and think, “How could you think you couldn’t do it?”
I used to think she was being a crazy attention whore. Now I just think she's delusional and sad. More ish when you read the rest...

Chris Brown Says Respect His Tight Pants & Does VIBE+T.Mari, Bow Wow, & Naturi's Halloween Fun

Chris Brown's got some words for all you spandex haters.  After folks saw his new Graffiti album cover and went in about his Kravitz meets the Icecapades look (laugh, you know that's a perfect description), he says respect his tightness:

In all honestly, I'm actually really feeling his "Transform Ya" song and all around vibe this time around so it doesn't bother me.  But it's still funny though.

And here's a photo from his upcoming VIBE magazine spread dropping in December. And we've got some photos of co-stars Teairra Mari, Bow Wow, and Naturi Naughton having some Halloween Fun this weekend:

Oh ok T.

More pics when you read the rest...