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YBF EXCLUSIVE: Ciara Dishes About Fantasy Ride Album

Beyonce: We're NOT The Jacksons+Sasha Fierce's GIANT Outtakes

Beyonce is talking about her family upbringing and why the Knowles are NOT the Jacksons in the new OK! magazine:
"I grew up upper-class. Private school. My dad had a Jaguar," she recalls. "We're African-American and we work together as a family, so people assume we're like the Jacksons. But I didn't have parents using me to get out of a bad situation."
I'ma leave that one alone.  Check out some of Sasha Fierce's outtakes from her GIANT magazine photoshoot: Fiiiierce. You can also check out her behind the scenes video at Giantmag.com. More pics when you read the rest...

Kimora & Russell Boo'd Up With Their Boos+DMX Wanted AGAIN!+Oprah Hits 200...POUNDS!

Kimora Lee and her man Djimon were spotted in Hawaii getting some mini vacay action in.  Djimon was there for a new movie so of course, he brought the semi-wifey along. Meanwhile, KiKi's ex Russell was spotted frolicking on vacay with his newest cradle robbee: And was still looking like a dirty old man.  Why is he always touching women's chests in the ocean?  Gives me the shudders. News on DMX and Lady O when you read the rest...
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UPDATES: *EXCLUSIVE* Yung Berg's "Pretty For A Dark Skin Shawty" Speaks Out+Alfamega Apologizes For Fight

In the someone might care news of the day... Video vixen Jeri J. exclusively tells us TheYBF.com that she has no intentions of working it out with Wack Berg after Berg said he wants the "pretty for a dark skin shawty" on his show.  After this post right here concerning him saying he wants mostly "dark skin shawtys" for his upcoming reality show in order to get points fo

Beyonce's "Roc"+Michelle Gets Fab

Check out this newly leaked track left off of Sasha Fierce. It's called "Roc" and we all know who B meant it for... And speaking of former Destiny's Child chicks, Michelle Williams is revealing a new look in Corduroy magazine. And talking about her new leaf: “My goal isn’t to sell-out stadiums or be on the cover of magazines anymore,” she says. “My dream path is just to get that loyal fan base. I don’t care if it’s a hundred million or a hundred thousand. I’d rather play an underground club where people all know your songs than perform for audiences who have no idea who you are.” More when you read the rest...

Caught On Video: Keyshia Cole's Sister vs. Sanaa Lathan+T.I.'s Thanksgiving

B*tch Please Yung Berg

Yung Berg strikes again. Now y'all know I've been trying my damndest to ignore this fool and keep him off this site for his previous foolish ass comments about dark butts. But now light butt Young Berg is getting his own reality show and is trying to cast mainly "dark skin girls". And he wants to cast video model Jeri J. because she's "pretty for a dark skin shorty." Apparently he wants to rectify the "situation" and feels this is the smartest way to do so. Here's the original e-mail I received from the casting company:
Yung Berg is having a reality tv show where he's going to find "true love" kind of like Flava Flav and all the rest of those dating shows. But get this, his management team has reach out to me and my casting company to cast mostly "beautiful dark skin or brown skin women" for his reality tv show. In the casting call I got from his team it reads, "We are looking to find exceptional stand out beautiful dark skin/brown skin women to showcase all races of beauty on the show". I'm part of the casting process in helping to pick the girls and its so funny because one of the models Yung Berg has personally requested be on the show is Brooklyn video model Jeri J. (www.myspace.com/jerij) where I heard him say, "She's pretty for a dark skin shorty" I don't think he knows that's not a compliment, and through numerous attempts to contact her people we have not got back a response, but its definitely a FACT he is casting more dark skin women for his show to save face and retract from the comments he made about all dark skin girls being dark butts. Just thought I would let you and all theybf readers know the real deal. He is trying to shop his show to BET, VH-1, and MTV in hopes they will pick it up with all the controversy surrounding him.
B*tch Please Yung Berg. And since we all know BET barely even likes actual black people, I'm putting my moey on VH-1 picking this foolywang material up. A new Ray-J reality dating show AND a Yung Berg one? I just can't contain my excitement. *blank stare* More pics of Jheri when you read the rest...