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FOOLYWANG MATERIAL: Are You Serious Soulja Boy?

Because Supermaning and Supersoaking hoes wasn't enough...Soulja Boy Tell 'Em went and said even more idiotic ish. Here is Toure's (of BET) recap of his recent convo on The Black Carpet with Soulja Boy: ...Then came Soulja Boy Tell Em. I asked him, “What historical figure do you most hate?” He was stumped. I said, "Others have said Hitler, bin Laden, the slave masters..." He said, "Oh wait! Hold up! Shout out to the slave masters! Without them we'd still be in Africa." My jaw, at this point, was on the ground."We wouldn't be here," he continued, having no idea how far in it he'd stepped, "to get this ice and tattoos." We're HOURS away from electing a black President, and this is the type of ish coming from this boy's mouth? GTFOH. As usual, I blame BET. (J/K...kinda) I have no other words. Besides the fact that Soulja is thisclose to being thrown in the same boiling hot ass water as Chicago's wackest--Yung Berg. Stay in school kids. Or at least get a damn tutor. And by the way Soulja Boy... The original post surrounding Soulja Boy's comments when you read the rest...  

Ashanti & Nelly Get Cutesy+Celebs Support Jennifer Hudson+T.I. Gets To Vote

Nelly and Ashanti hit up the Wicked Broadway Charity event this week looking all cute on the blue carpet: Ashanti looked pretty hot on the carpet.

Nelly, Ashanti, and other celebs spoke out that night giving Jennifer Hudson words of support. Check the video above. It's good news for T.I. today. After researching Georgia law, he found out that even though he was a convicted felon, he could actually vote. So he actually voted early this morning. He headlined the "Respect My Vote" campaign, and now he can now participate. Today is also the first time he has ever voted. Hopefully other convicted felons who have served their time and are not currently on probation will do the same. More pics of Ashanti and Nelly when you read the rest...

"The Game" Preview+Lil Wayne: I Delivered My Son

Tracy Morgan Wants To Sex Up Prince+Cassie Dishes Her Make-Up Secrets

So Tracy Morgan is rocking the November cover of Complex magazine. And here's some quotes about his sexual attraction to Prince and why all the "young girls" want Barack to be their baby's daddy: You’re sober now, but you’ve had a history with alcohol. What’s the craziest thing that happened to you when you were drinking heavily? Tracy Morgan: When I was wilding? I got kicked out of Prince’s house. The last time he won a Grammy, we went to the pre-Grammy party. Free booze all night. Prince had his band in the living room. Everybody left the house except for me and my boy. It was 6 o’clock, 7 o’clock in the morning, the sun was coming up, and we were still drinking. And Prince and his wife were at the door in their pajamas and said, “Come on, Tracy, you’ve got to go.” And I was gay for about five seconds because he’s a pretty motherfucker. If Prince was a woman, I would go down on him. All the way down. Swell his vagina lips up. What's the difference between the phone calls Barack gets at 3 A.M. and the ones McCain gets? Tracy Morgan: McCain’s not getting any calls at 3 A.M. His medicine kicks in at 8! Ain’t he got geriatrics or some shit like that? He’s an old man! He has to be in the bed by 9. His room smells like Ben-Gay, medicine and pussy. Who’s the coolest politician the U.S. has ever had? Tracy Morgan: Barack! Easily! Ain’t no other president had the crowd laughing and all that. Dude has charisma, he’s got the looks and he’s a cool dude—all the young girls want him! They all want to have his baby. Big pimpin’! No females want McCain, only his wife. Son is getting skin cut off his face and all kind of shit, man. You see how his arms look? He looks like Teddy Ruxpin.
Teddy Ruxpin though? That damn Tracy... Cassie dishes on her makeup tips when you read the rest...

T-Pain Talks Pornos+Barack Set For SNL?

How did we miss this?: T-Pain is dishing about his sex life with his wife and lack thereof. He tells Blender:

“My wife and I download pornos together,” he says. “She goes with me to strip clubs. She’ll be tipping b*tches and everything.” “I love reading my daughter to sleep—she loves this one book called Ducks in Muck.” And, combining the smutty and the sweet: “I’ll be at a club, just surrounded by ho’s, and I’ll literally call my wife, like, ‘I’m so, so happy I married you.’ "

On the “I don’t need your sex, I’ll masturbate” line in his song "Therapy" on Three Rings:

“See, that line comes straight out of my life!” he says. “I’m married, and I jerk off all the time. Some R&B singers act like they getting sex every night. T-Pain is here to tell you: Ain’t no one getting sex every night!”

My eyes...my m*tha f*in eyes! More with Barack and "The Real Housewives of ATL" when you read the rest...

Meagan Good & Idris Elba Out & About+Ciara Is Billboard's Woman Of The Year+Jon B. Goes At Robin Thicke

Meagan Good and Idris Elba both hit up Area nightclub in LA last night: Meagan actually rocked a cute laid back look and threw on some heels to dress it up a bit.  Honestly I don't know many people who could get away with this look at the club. And Idris Elba was there as well.  Looking like your older uncle who has no business being be there.  But I still loves me some Idris. Ciara is set to receive the Billboard Woman Of The Year Award October 24th at their annual breakfast. Billboard will also honor the top 20 female executives in the music industry during this 3rd annual Women in Music breakfast at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City. Congrats to CiCi. Details on the Jon B vs. Robin Thicke drama when you read the rest...

Halle Berry Talks Sex+Venus & Serena Do Harper's Bazaar

Halle Berry is making men lose their minds by dishing in the new issue of Esquire all about her orgasmic experiences and sex: