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Whatever T-Pain+Jaden Smith Is The Next Karate Kid

T-Pain needs to recognize. Check out the rules he had his people send out to interviewers yesterday: "Please let interviewers know that Pain will only be discussing his album release on 11/11 and any other topics surrounding what he is currently doing. He will only answer one question on Wayne and upcoming projects they have.


Keyshia Cole is looking fabulous on the cover of Billboard magazine this week.  She chats about her upcoming LP A Different Me dropping December 16th and the return of her reality show "The Way It Is".  I also hear she's shopping around the idea of offering her life story up for a movie. Beyonce is covering the debut issue of New York Observer Style. Here's a quote about how her mother is her fashion inspiration:
""I looked at her like a therapist and a makeover queen – the perfect glamorous smart woman. People would walk in, talk to her and tell her their issues and they'd walk out feeling and looking like a new woman.  She'd get us little jackets and we'd go to an art supply store and we'd get stones and glitter and we'd personalize a lot of our clothes. She taught me the importance of looking good and feeling good but also that beauty comes from within, because it fades."
I literally cannot stop laughing at "glitter". I am just so not surprised by this.  The issue hits stands November 16th. Also, MySpace Music is going to be exclusively premiering Beyonce’s new album, beginning at 12:01amPT tomorrow -- a full week before anyone else. This will be going up in 20 countries and only found on MySpace Music for the next week. The album goes live at 12:01amPT, tomorrow morning. More random ish when you read the rest..

Soulja Boy Says He Was "Just Playin'"+Chilli's Trying To Find A Man

Soulja Boy says those slave master comments he made were just a joke. Surprise surprise:
"Man basically what happened that day, I was at BET filming the last episode of Rap City and then the Touré dude asked me if I wanted to do an interview with him and I said no.

Ashanti Does "The Early Show"+More Celebs Show Their Support For Obama

This was supposed to post 5 hours ago but mysteriously was never published. McCain...is that you? Ashanti was spotted in the NYC this morning outside of "The Early Show": Chick's looking pretty hot---flaming pink lipstick and all.

Celebs Hit Will & Jada's For An Election Party+T-Boz Is Selling Her Ish

Q Deezy of Big Boy's Neighborhood hit up The Smith's house in L.A.

The Obamas Hit The Polls+Terrence Howard Dishes About Split From Ex-Wife

President and First Lady hopefuls Barack & Michelle Obama were spotted casting their votes today in Chicago: LOL.  Homegirl is all in his business.  Nevermind, that looks

Nelly Says He's "Serious" About Ashanti+Celebs Hit The B-Ball Games+Congrats To Lewis Hamilton

I guess The Carters are inspiring everybody these days to fess up about the love of their lives.  Nelly told People.com this weekend that he and Ashanti are definitley "serious" and have been "kicking it for a minute".  He also says the key to their relationship is just having fun:
"That's the thing between me and her, we just like having fun," he said Sunday at Las Vegas's Lavo club, where he was celebrating his 34th birthday.  I think it's always serious when you can hang with a person continuously ... and [“still”] have fun."
Well looky here.  A much different note than the "best friend" mess they've both been talking for the last 5 years...even just last week.  Not sure what changed but Nelly is obviously A-OK with going public about his love for his girl.  Cute. Celebs kicked it courtside at the Atlanta Hawks game this weekend: Chilli and Polow Da Don were there.  That's a mighty big and suspicious rock you have there on your ring finger Ms. Chilli.  Care to share? And over in the NYC at the Knicks game: Ahmad Rashad was there with his wife Sale Johnson. And season ticket holder Spike Lee brought his son to the game to kick it courtside. Fun times. More sideline pics and news on the newest Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton when you read the rest...