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Janet Postpones Tour AGAIN+Don Cheadle Switches Up Iron Man 2+Other Gossip Bits

Here we go again.  Janet Jackson has once again cancelled a slew of tour dates today thanks to "doctors orders".  Chick needs to just drop the pregnancy bomb we've all been speculating about and carry on.   Of course, no official details have been released on Ms. Jackson's diagnosis.  And I hear JD is still not hitting up her bedside.  And he's supposed to be so in love.   Nasty! Don Cheadle has replaced Terrence Howard in Iron Man 2.  Apparently Terrence, who starred in the first Iron Man, backed out of the franchise because of "financial differences".  Check the story here. Bethenny from "The Real Housewives of New York" is blogging about the "Housewives of ATL".  And she's offering nothing but backhanded compliments.  But who's to blame?  The chick from NY who could just be stereotyping black women, or the black women on the ATL Housewives show who possibly are perpetuating the goldigging black woman stereotype?  I mean, they are all mainly "fabulous and successful" because they married the money...some more than once.  Speak on it... More tidbits about Evander Holyfield's broke ass and Reggie and Kim K when you read the rest...

Ne-Yo Tells All+Star Jones Talks Ish

Well isn't this an interesting little nugget for the insomniacs.

Chris Brown Does Ellen+Diva Beef+Allen Iverson's New Baby Is Here

Chris Brown hit u

Lil Kim Sued AGAIN!+J-Hud Loves Being A Size 12...And New York Clowns The J-Hud/Punk Engagement

Right in the heels of Lil Kim getting her Bentley repossessed and being sued by a publishing company for taking the advance money but never writing the books as promised, she's being sued AGAIN. And this time it's by her own people-Brooklyn Entertainment company. The lawsuit accuses Lil' Kim of breaching a one-year contractual agreement by demanding a more lucrative deal. And they're suing for $2 mill including money she owes to them because they invested hundreds of thousands in her with no return. Damn! Jennifer Hudson's speaking out about the Hollywood pressure to be a size 2 or smaller. She says her size 12 is what's poppin' and she A-OK with it:
"I just don't let people impose their insecurities on me. They may have a problem with being a size 12, but I don't," the curvy singer-actress tells PEOPLE. In fact, in a sea of size-2 celebrities, Hudson enjoys standing out. "What makes them different? They all look the same. But you know Jennifer when you see her."
Work it out then Jenny. The HBIC New York's take on the Punk/J-Hud engagement when you read the rest...

First Look At Beyonce's New Videos & Album Details+Barack Obama Covers The Source

Ashanti Does Today's Black WomanMag+Pharrell, Nas & Kelis Hit The Smirnoff Experience

Ashanti is rocking the cover and spread of the December 08 issue of Today's Black Woman: Click the above two pics to read the article. Here's video of Nas & Kelis showing a united front in the face of those sex tape rumors. He and Kelis performed together yesterday in the NYC:

Miss Info copped video of the two and it sounds like they were throwing shade at those spreading the rumor about there being a sex tape of Kelis and another man floating around. Certain "media sources" say that have the goods and they're now shopping it around for 150k. But I have a feeling a real sex tape will still never appear online. And if it did, how would we know it was taken after The Joneses were married? Sounds suspect to me... Pics from the Smirnoff Experience with Nas and Pharrell when you read the rest...

Queen Latifah Doesn't Care If You Think She's Gay

Queen Latifah was spotted hitting up Urth Cafe in L.A.