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Video Fab: Kanye's "Homecoming" Vid+Michelle Says Thank You+Young Berg Thinks People Know Him

Kanye West's "Homecoming" video has hit the net. Check it.

All Kinds Of Ish

Photog: Kambouris/Wireimage
50 says he's jacked his vote from Hillary and given it to Barack. A while back he was caught on video saying he was voting for Hillary because America wasn't ready for a black President and they might just take it to Barack if he actually won. But now he says Senator Obama has won him over:
"I heard Obama speak," he said. "He hit me with that he-just-got-done-watching-'Malcolm X,' and I swear to God, I'm like, 'Yo, Obama!' I'm Obama to the end now, baby!"
Whatev 50. It just took you a few months to realize how ignorant your comment sounded.

Well That's Convenient

Just when this got posted today, Michelle Williams' new promo pics were posted on her site today as well: I take it this won't be another gospel album. And I'm not even mad because chick is bringing the fabulousness with the new look. More pics when you read the rest...

Awww Shucks, She Speaks...

Beyonce covering the April 08 issue of JACK magazine
Stans and Beyonceitis victims alike are going to love this.

Terrence Howard Covers GIANT

Click pic for larger image

Terrence Howard is covering the April/May '08 issue of GIANT magazine. And he drops knowledge on men who love men, why you shouldn't date starlets and how to raise a kid the old-fashioned way. All while rockin' a serious aviator get-up. Here's some excerpts: ON FINDING THE RIGHT WOMAN “… It’s so hard to find a good woman who’s gonna help build the family and not be so interested in just building herself. I could be like any other male wannabe celebrity out there and hang out and date a bunch of people. Of course, there’s a beautiful opportunity to be out there and free. Why not eat up all the fruit on the trees? But the end result is that those things bring a dishonor to the family, and I will have served nobody but myself. I’ve sacrificed what I want to do for the sake of my family, and that’s what I need.” More excerpts when you read the rest...

Oh Really Chris Rock?

Photog: Gordon/Wireimage
Why not just keep the political ball rolling. Page Six is reporting that Chris Rock had jokes about why a black woman can't be First Lady. CHRIS Rock is worried about a Barack Obama presidency because, "I don't think a black woman can be first lady of the United States. Yeah, I said it!" Rock cackles in his cover story in Rolling Stone.

Pauly Shore Pours Haterade On Black Comedians+Kimora Says Djimon is HUGE+Vanessa's Proactiv Alternative

Pauly Shore had some words for black comedians saying they're only popular because they're black (and only his pimpaliciousness makes Katt Williams popular): Oh Pauly. From the looks of this vid, you're not on top because you're just not funny. At all.