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Imusgate Part Deux?+Ruben Studdard's Getting Married?+On The Set Of J-Hud's New Video

Here we go again.  Some folks are up in arms about Don Imus' latest "color" remarks about NFL baller Pacman Jones on his radio show yesterday.  According to the Daily News: Monday, after Imus' sportscaster Warner Wolf (who is African American) noted how many times football player Adam (Pacman) Jones had been arrested, Imus asked: "What color is he?" "African-American," said Wolf. "Well, there you go," said Imus. "Now we know." Color?  What is this--a review of a box of Crayola Crayons?  Stop it Imus.  But he's now saying he was just being sarcastic and was saying "Now we know" because now we know why Pacman Jones is getting picked on.  Hmm...I'll hold off on the march on Don Imus for now.  But clearly no one--including the station he works for or their advertisers who allowed him to come back--would care even if h meant otherwise.  But y'all already know Rev. Al "spoke out" against this ish though.  Sigh.  The whole story is here.  Speak on it....

Music Fab: Musiq, Robin Thicke & Young Buck+Ice-T Hates Soulja Boy

Musiq SoulChild has a brand new track called "Radio". Check it: [audio:radiomusiq.mp3] Nice. More music news and drama when you read the rest...

Bow Wow vs. Video Chicks

So this weekend video chicks Dollicia Bryant and Rita G (the chick from Kanye's first "Flashing Lights" vid) hit up a radio show to talk mad ish about Bow Wow. They were talking greasy about his height and how he tried to get at them even when he was still with Ciara. Dollicia even went as far as to insinuate she wouldn't ever give Bow the time of day.

Timbaland Gets Hitched+Kimora's Not A Diva+The Cannons Want Wedding Gifts+Janet Cancels Euro Tour

Timbaland's finally jumped the broom. He and his publicist Monique Idlett tied the knot--in their sweats--in his home state of Virginia yesterday. Reportedly they're getting hitched again in a formal ceremony in Aruba June 22nd. They're baby girl Reign was born last year and Timbo popped the question at Monique's baby shower. Cute.

Na Na Campbell Wants A Baby+Stacy Dash Gets Hurt On Set+Nelly & Ciara Spotted On Set

Naomi Campbell's telling folks she wants to have a baby. And that's all we need is a little tot running around throwing baby Blackberrys at folks. Remember that suspicious surgery she traveled to Brazil for a while back Well, apparently, the surgery had something to do with her now being able to have kids. She told media sources:
Now I can have a child I would like one. I'm even willing to have one without a father. I know that I am ready. I know that with a baby I would change, I'd calm down. With a child you cannot accept compromises. You have to give your full self.
The only thing that'll make this chick calm don is a pimp lap from Shaquanda from down the street. More ish when you read the rest...

Ashanti Does Rumor Control+Celebs Do "Heroes" and "TV Land" Events

Ashanti's talking about all the rumors surrounding her and Nelly's "relationship"...as well as rumors about her career.  OK! talked to her about Nelly, and she says:  “He showed me things in studio about trying different things. And he’s hilarious. One thing, he does stay all night. He’s there into the wee, wee hours. He’s a night owl. The longest session I can remember is when we went into the studio around 8 or 9, and left around 2 in the afternoon the next day. It gets long.” What’s so great about him? “He’s a great person,” she tells me. “He has a big heart, and again, he has himself together. I learned a lot from him. And he’s a good person.” She cackles when asked what they like to do together in their free time, but she does clear up the rumors. “I don’t have any kids, I’m not pregnant, I’m not married,” she says. While we’re on rumor patrol, she shoots down false information. She’s doesn't have Chinese ancestry, and doesn’t own a clothing store in Europe called Princess. She does, however, have a clothing line called Delicious Curves. She says it mirrors her style, which is “classy, sassy and sexy, not too raunchy, not too over-the-top.” Oh Ashanti.

Flav's Chicks Make Appearances

Time to check in on what the Flavor of Love chicks have been up to...