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Juvenile's Concert Was In Part For His Daughter?+Rick Ross Brings The Foolishness+The Real Reason Jaslene Was Denied At Snoop's Party

Apparently, the concert that Juvenile performed in on the same evening of his daughter Jelani's funeral this weekend was actually raising funds for Jelani's memorial fund.  A YBF reader who lives outside of Augusta hit my inbox with the news that Power 107, an Augusta station, advertised the concert and said that ticket sales would go towards Jelani's memorial fund.  It was unclear exactly how much would go toward the fund and whether Juvenile was in charge of the money raising.   The concert was planned before the death of Jelani, but ticket sales ended up being put to good use.  While this may shine some light on things, the situation still is what it is.

Music Fab: Danity Kane's "Damaged" Vid & New Ish From Kelly Rowland & Cherish+Ray-J's The Only One Watching His Sex Tape

Danity Kane's new video for "Damaged" premiered today. Interesting.

Is That You Tito?+Janet Does Miss Jones+Christina Milian & Ne-Yo's Baby Mama Get Pub

Looks like somebody's taking a few notes from his brother: Tito Jackson was spotted out in NYC with his model "lady friend" Claudia Litz.  Luckily, Jermaine didn't put him on to the wax-me-young serum though.  Tito had just finished some house hunting and was ready to pimp stroll the town with a model type half his age.

The Game Is Staying On CW+Rashida Jones Speaks On Her Bi-Racial Issues

Don't believe the hype: The CW network has confirmed The Game will kick off new episodes March 23rd and the "rumors" of its cancellation are indeed false.  Surprise surprise.  I'm hating this new Sunday night at 9p est time slot though.

YBF Celebs Do Family Day in the NYC+Candid Fab+Rihanna Loves Her Ass

Celebs hit up TJ Martell Family Day in the NYC's Roseland Ballroom yesterday: This ought to be interesting... 

Candid Fab+"Lynching" Drama...Again+Raven Won't Be Swinging From Chandeliers+Lil Wayne & Nivea Part 2?

Photog: Lacroix 
Willada was spotted leaving Cut Steakhouse last night in Beverly Hills.  They were dining with their BFFs Tom and Katie.  And no, they haven't been kidnapped by the roboticness that is TomKat.

Ashanti & Mariah Do TRL+Barack Makes Us Love Him Even More

WTF was going on at TRL yesterday-was there a H.A.M. contest kicking off?: Double boo.  Clearly somebody brought back Contempo Casuals for the day and invited these two to shop there first.