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I'm So Done With Stokesgate.

So Ricky Romance hit up the Wendy Williams show today and had some interesting backtracking things to say about this whole Chris Stokes situation: WTF is REALLY going on here?

Mel B. Hits The Streets+DMX Going Gospel+New Ish From Trina & Raheem Davaughn

Mel B. was spotted looking laid back and casual leaving her central London hotel yesterday:    When will the Ugg boots stop?!

So The Soul Food Made You Wife Her Reggie?

If this aint some ish right here.  Word has it Reggie Bush has proposed to his jumpoff turned main chick Kim Kardashian.  Meanwhile, she's telling folks her soul food is what's poppin' in the streets:
"I’m the best cook!" Kim tells OK!. "People don’t know that, but I cook all the time. My best dish is surprisingly my soul food meals.

Usher? Selfish? Noooo...

Usher spoke with the AJC about his newfound self: What he's learning as a new father:
"I think I'm learning how selfish I really can be as an individual. Man, before you just get up and go everyday and you work people to oblivion — and I do.

Chris Stokes Issues ANOTHER "Official" Statement+David Banner Heals The Hood

So Chris Stokes issued yet another "statement" through his PR company in regards to Raz B.'s apology video:
"I’m happy that Demario "Raz B" Thorton and Ricardo Thorton realized their mistakes and admitted to lying. I have always supported my family and have always been a stand up person. I knew that the truth would eventually come to light."
Yes, we heard somebody feeding Raz the lines of what to say in his suspect ass apology video. And yes, we peeped him not even being able to look into the camera. And yes, Chris, I saw you including your own uploaded version of the apology video in this e-mail statement from your PR company. At least try to act like you didn't have anything to do with this apology. I'm just sayin'...

Somebody Must Have Threatened Raz B's Life...

Because now Raz B. is denying all the rape/molestation allegations he put out there about Chris Stokes and Marques Houston: He says

Lauren London Clears Up The Rumors+R. Kelly Goes To Court+MJB Hits The Promo Circuit

A rep for London London sent a statement to The YBF yesterday in regards to all the pregnancy and engagement rumors circulating about her. The rep says, very adamantly, that ""Lauren London is neither engaged or pregnant". And as for what Lauren thinks about all this:
I feel that your site has the most genuine love for Lauren, and its understandable that people want in to her personal affairs. But at the end of the day, Lauren is steadily pursuing her career and craft as a respectable actress. Hopefully people can enjoy and appreciate her on that level. The rest, is unnecessary drama that she chooses to stay far from.
So there you have it folks.